Who Is Crowned As SportsIN Cycling’s Cyclist Of The Year 2018?

SportsIN Cycling’s Cyclist of the Year 2018 is none other than….

David Ho


David had 66% of the 651 votes (including our first nomination survey). The 1st and 2nd runners-up are Tan Liang Cheng (TLC), and Lizzie Hodges respectively. 

David was awarded a S$500 Specialized E-Voucher, courtesy of Specialized Singapore


Photo: David Ho (left) and Benedict Chen, Regional marketing lead (Asia) from Specialized (right)


“Brings organising a cycling group to a new level. Beginners feel welcomed, everyone is well informed of rides and rules, and he’s a custodian of one of the best cycling groups I’ve ever ridden with.” – Jinella 


Thoughts on winning the Cyclist of The Year 2018 award. 

“I feel humbled by the accolades, and I am honoured to be Cyclist of the Year”, said David. 

“First and foremost, I would like to thank my wife. She is the most supportive in allowing me to commit my time to the group. It’s almost like a full-time job to plan the rides, to moderate communication, and to ensure that there is positivism in the group.” David also gave credit to the volunteers from West Coast Riders who have contributed their time and effort to organise the rides. 


“Patient leader that always looks out for and guides the new riders and teaches them necessary handling and road-awareness skills.” – Delvin Gho Seng Wee


“He organises rides that are inclusive to all, other clubs, newbies etc. He advocates safety, abides by traffic laws, and promotes cycling among the community.” – Baey


The two reasons behind his motivation to keep organising rides for the past seven years are 1) Results and 2) People. 

“Firstly, you have a focus on what end goal you want for the group, and you see people progressing from newbies to fitter and stronger athletes. Secondly, all of them commit their time, just like if I commit my time, they reciprocate by giving their time as well.”


Jersey Kit Recycling Project 

One of the initiatives which David started was the ‘Jersey Kit Recycling Project’.

Photo: West Coast Riders Facebook page


When asked why and how it started, he mentioned that many of the cyclists had free event jerseys which they did not wear and tend to be left aside or thrown away., so why not donate it to someone who is new to cycling and does not have a jersey, to begin with. He added, “It’s a win-win situation for everybody.”



“Being as Neutral as possible and sacrifice his time and a lot of effort in planning for group rides, combine group rides and overseas rides for the club without any monetary gains. Purely from his heart, for the love and passion of Cycling as a healthy sport with like-minded individuals.” – Hadi Mazlan


David’s hopes for the cycling community in 2019

“With the new rules coming up next year, there will be more scrutiny and spotlight in the cycling community. However, a rule is a rule. There is a right to how you can ride on the road, but sometimes you have to apply consideration to other motorists as well. At the end of the day, it is all about being a considerate user of the road.



Congratulations to David and all the finalists. Thank you for your contribution to the cycling community. 

Read more: https://sportsincycling.com/blog/finalist-sg-cyclist-year-2018/


Stay tuned as we feature our runners-up, Tan Liang Cheng (TLC), and Lizzie Hodges.

Esther Koh
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