#ZeroToHero MTB Project With Specialized: Joining Our First Race And What We Have Learnt In This Journey

It’s been six months since we switched from the tarmac to dirt on this #ZeroToHero MTB project with Specialized, and it has been a fantastic experience for both of us.


Here are some things that mountain biking has taught us through this journey as we switched from the tarmac to the dirt: 


1. Trust Your Bike 

We underestimated how much “abuse” a mountain bike could take. The Specialized Stumpjumpers will ride over rocks the size of tennis balls without the slightest problem. It will shrug off tree roots across the track and keep you upright as you slam into bumps and kerbs. 


Descending a rock garden at Bukit Timah MTB Trail. Photo: Jamie Teo


Helmet: Ambush (Colour – Black logo)

Jersey: Specialized Enduro Comp 3/4 Jersey (Colour – Dust Blue/ Primal Geo)

Shorts: Atlas XC Pro Shorts 

Gloves: Enduro Gloves 


The 2.6 inches wide tires provided excellent grip and could roll over almost any and everything on the trail, while the 27.5″ wheel size was playful and dynamic to ride. 

All we needed to do was to stay relaxed and trust the machine. 


Having a fun time riding the Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 27.5″. Photo: Ju Mosin


We have come a long way from beginners at the start of the year, from shivering and being tense on every downhill to daring to roll or jump over logs and manoeuvre tight switchbacks. The versatility of the Specialized Stumpjumpers gave us the confidence to ride our bikes and have fun out in the trails. 



2. Pushing Physical and Mental Boundaries


Helmet: Ambush (Colour – Matte Dynamite Panther)

Jersey: Women’s SL Pro Jersey (Colour – Matrix/ Team Limon)

Gloves: Enduro Gloves 


We took part in a mountain bike race called The Battle Of Bukit Timah. It was one of the races where mountain bikers looked forward to in this year’s racing calendar. 

Bukit Timah mountain biking trail has everything to offer; from singletracks to downhill switchbacks, gnarly rock gardens, and uphill climbs that slowly seep the energy out of riders. 



Mountain biking demands more than just physical endurance and good skills. It requires you to have a strong mind; to push when the going gets tough, and to get back up after a fall. 

Prior to this event, we have only ridden the Bukit Timah trail for roughly five times. That’s about how much preparation we had for the race. Some might call us rash, or impatient, to join a race when we barely know how to do a bunny hop properly. Thankfully, none of us crashed, and the bikes came out in one piece. 


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3. The MTB Community Spirit 

Supporters were cheering on riders at the sidelines. Photo: Ju Mosin


During The Battle Of Bukit Timah, more than 250 racers, supporters, and volunteers gathered on a Sunday morning to race and cheered one another on. We also saw a group of mountain biking friends that came together to volunteer as marshals. They are from Anjoi Inc Singapore. 


They could have enjoyed a lie-in on a Sunday morning and didn’t have to endure the irritating mosquito bites in the forest. But these men made the decision that they wanted to give back to the mountain bike community.

With a laid-back, nature-loving and come-as-you-are culture, the mountain bike scene tends to be friendlier and more supportive. 



Our mountain biking journey is not over, for this is just the beginning. It is an entirely different sport as compared to road cycling; one that demands technical skills, physical power and endurance, as well as mental grit.

But at the same time, you get the adrenaline rush from going downhill and the satisfaction of overcoming an obstacle. Most importantly, mountain biking is a whole lot of fun! 

Roadies, why not give mountain biking a try? 


We would like to thank Specialized Singapore for the opportunity to have a ride of our lives. Click here to find out more about the range of Trail Mountain Bikes that Specialized offers. 


You can find Specialized mountain bikes and equipment at the following store in Singapore:

Tiong Hin Co.

Shop Address: Block 28 Sin Ming Lane, #04-133, Midview City, Singapore (573972)

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 3.00 pm – 9.30 pm

Telephone: (+65) 6659 0903

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