The Final 5: SG Cyclist of the Year Finalists

In no order, here are the 5 finalists who have the highest votes for our SG Cyclist of the Year contest. Who do you think should be awarded the SG Cyclist of the Year 2018? 

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1. Tan Liang Cheng (TLC)

Photo: Tan Liang Cheng (TLC)


Cycling group: Team Force Riders (TFR)

“TLC made most of the arrangement, the route organiser, the sweeper, the photographer , at times, the puller. He always encourage “ride together” . Always takes care of new/ slow riders behind, patiently sweeping them and make sure they are safe along the ride.” -Carol Ong

“1) Tirelessly organise weekly TFR rides. 2) He bridge and alway enthusiastically help new cyclists to keep onto Cycling. Including performing sweeping duties, and directing newbies w slow speed to start with other beginner group hence easy and less intimidating. 3) One of the most competent sweeper I have meet so far. He place his safety secondary to wait, guide and sweep the slower cyclists. Amazingly patient.” -Lynn Chiew


2. Clifford Lee 

Photo: Clifford Lee


Cycling group: Epic Cycles 

“For the last six years as the founder of the all-volunteer Epic Cyclist Group, Clifford Lee has devoted his own time, money and resources to organise the annual 1000km KDF Millennium Ride, which has raised donations and awareness for underprivileged kidney dialysis patients.” -Shawn Chung

“For last 6 years he created a ride to allow cyclist who want to challenge themselves to Super Long rides while at the same time support the Kidney Dialysis Foundation Ltd to raise millions of badly needed funding to offer free dialysis to the needy.” -Charles Baey 


3. Lizzie Hodges 

Photo: Martin Choo


Cycling group: Women’s Cycling Project, Fahrenheit Performance Development Team, ANZA Cycling Team

“She’s everywhere on anything cycling related! As a racer, an ambassador, a sweeper, a ride leader and even a commissionaire. She’s bubbly and energetic and attracts people especially women into the group to make them feel safe and comfortable to ride.” -Isabelle 

“The most positive, encouraging, energetic female cyclist I have met still taking up cycling in October 2017. She embraces everyone & is supportive of all cycling activities in Singapore.” -Anna Bryant 


4. David Ho 

Photo: West Coast Riders Fb page


Cycling group: West Coast Riders

“Promoting safe riding for all levels of road cyclist.. Lead by example in all rides and welcome all riders on WCR rides regardless level and affiliations.” -Eugene Ng 

“Bring as Neutral as possible and sacrifice his time and a lot of effort in planning for group rides, combine group rides and overseas rides for the club without any monetary gains. Purely from his heart, for the love and passion of Cycling as a healthy sport with like minded individuals.” -Hadi Mazlan


Read more: Behind the scenes with David Ho, Chieftain of West Coast Riders


5. Chew Bing Jie 

Photo: Chew Bing Jie


Cycling group: Geylang Cycling Team 

“Well respected cyclist. Doesn’t give up easily and friends always listen to his advise and learn from his experience. Not to forget many followers in his IG. Honour to ride with him. Hormat!” -Shawn Goh

“BJ is a committed and inspiring cyclist who makes for a fantastic cycling ambassador. He inspires with his determination, commitment, attitude and never-say-die attitude. (Plus he has fantastic social media cred making him a worthy winner on style and substance).” -Jimmy KP

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