Rudy Project: Where you can get an extensive collection of sport prescription glasses

For those who are looking for a quick sports prescription solution for your eyes, Rudy Project provides the world’s extensive collection of eyewear to suit your specific needs. Here are some of their many prescription lenses that you can attach to the various range of sunglasses.


#1 Rydon Sport Readers

These pre-assembled sunglasses are conceived for sportsmen who need slight corrections and no compromises in term of style and functionality.

This sport reader prescription lens is seamlessly integrated into the lower part of the RP Optics sun lens to help you reading and looking through maps or devices screens such as mobile phone, GPS, cycle-computers and heart monitors.

The Rydon Sport Readers mounts three configurations of prescription lenses such as the Smoke, or the Multilaser Ice and Multilaser Red lenses which enhance the protection from glare and increase your cosmetic appearance. Each lens color is available with three different correction powers + 1.5, + 2.0 and + 2.5.


#2 RX Optical Insert

Rudy Project’s RX OPTICAL INSERT is an entry level prescription clip that provides an excellent value prescription solution. Specifically designed for patients needing only slight vision correction, the RX Optical Insert can be inserted just behind plano (non-prescription) sun lenses.

Thanks, to their patented “easy-in, easy-out” system the clips can be effortlessly inserted or removed. This is particularly useful for patients who wear contact lenses or for easy lens cleaning.

The RX Optical Insert is available in almost every Rudy Project performance sunglasses, including the flagship Tralyx, Fotonyk and the all-new Sintryx – allowing athletes and weekend warriors alike to experience the uncompromising comfort and performance of Rudy Project’s sunglasses while keeping investment in corrective lenses to a minimum.


#3 Optical Dock


Optical Dock models, such as the Rydon, Fotonyk and Stratofly, allow any material to be used for prescription lenses, including “stock” lenses. With this system, lateral protection and stability in the event of impact are maintained.

The lateral field of vision is slightly more limited compared to other optical solutions, but the range of prescriptions is incredibly broad – allowing vision to be corrected from at least -7.0 to + 6.0 diopters.

Optical Dock is the perfect solution for patients who need substantial vision correction and want to benefit from the design, technology and comfort of Rudy Project sunglasses while allowing eyecare providers to have flexibility in timeline and budget.


Rudy Project is giving away 30% discounts for their clearance items from these ranges: Magster, Noyz, Genetyk, Proflow, Firebolt, Agon, Ergomask, Synform and Stratofly. Find out how you can get them here! 

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