Mountain Biking In Subic Bay

Besides being a triathlon paradise, Subic Bay Freeport Zone is a haven for mountain bikers as well. 

Subic Bay Freeport Zone is blessed with panoramic mountain ranges, and it offers countless trails for mountain bikers to practice their craft and hone their skills.


Enjoy a view of the mountainous landscape as you drive in Subic Bay.


You can find a variety of trails here; trails with longer treks, steep technical descents, or high-inclined climbs that will leave you gasping for air. 


You got to have the lungs to climb up Subic’s steep terrain.
Riding along the stream at Pamulakalkin trail. Bike: Guerilla Gravity Megatrail
Boton Falls- One of the mountain biking trails near Miocasa Airbnb.


Bicycle-friendly accommodation at Subic Bay

If you’re looking for a bicycle-friendly accommodation to stay in, you can consider staying at Miocasa Airbnb. Since the host himself is an avid mountain biker, rest assured that your bicycles will be well taken care of.  You can even wheel them into your room. 



There are plenty of activities that you can do within the vicinity: 

  1. Zoobic Safari
  2. Ocean Adventure
  3. Jungle Environment Survivor Training (JEST) Camp
  4. All Hands Beach
  5. Boton & Pamulaklakin biking trails 


Cost per night: $60 with breakfast included. 

Pax per room: 3 adults, or 2 adults 2 children.


  1. Sleepless (24-hour mini-mart)
  2. Pool
  3. Massage upon request at Php400/hour
  4. Wifi


Promotion: Enjoy 20% off your bill if you stay at Miocasa for more than a week.


Getting around

Getting around Subic is best with your own transport (either by bike or by car). Calling a cab is quick and easy, and the hosts can always help you with that.

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