Review: Rapha Souplesse Detachable Bib Shorts

As a female cyclist, one of the most significant hurdles that has been holding me back from making the switch from shorts to bibs was the inconvenience of toilet breaks. Having to remove my sweaty jersey and wearing it again after having a wee was what put me off initially. Was it worth the hassle? 

That’s where Rapha’s Souplesse Detachable Bib Shorts came to the rescue. Rapha has been one of the leaders in creating comfortable bibs specifically for women. 

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Rapha Souplesse Detachable bib shorts:  



Self-centering magnetic clasp 


The magnetic clasp at the back of Rapha’s Souplesse detachable bib shorts is what made this bib shorts stand out from other bibs in the market.

It features a self-centering magnetic clasp located at the bottom of the mesh upper section, which allows the bibs to be removed easily during toilet breaks. 

Though it is not the first brand to introduce such a function, I’d have to say that unlike other bib shorts with non-magnetic clip-on, the magnet featured on this bibs was sturdy, easy to remove and put back without the need to remove my jersey. 


New Women’s Chamois Padding 



Tested by the Canyon SRAM race team, this is a race short designed for high-tempo riding and racing. Rapha used a thin layer of high-density foam which is fully-moulded and a seamless construction that helps prevent chaffing. The dual-density foam is softer at the front, and firmer over the sit bones. 

The padding is notably thinner than most, but I was surprised when I completed a Round-the-island 100km ride in Singapore without experiencing any discomfort. 



Bib Fabric


The soft, elastic fabric of the bibs over the legs offered good compression and comfort. 




The low-profile gripper elastic was snug and I did not experience any chaffing issues. 


Nice details sewn onto the bibs



Rapha’s Souplesse detachable bib shorts are perfect for female racers, but also those who would appreciate more convenient toilet stops without the hassle of removing the jersey.

Retailing at USD270/ SGD365, the price of this bibs is definitely on the higher range, but you get what you pay for – a fully functional jersey that provides you with performance, comfort, and convenience. 




Esther Koh
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