Front lights feature: Treknology3 edition

Front light comes in many shapes and sizes, and they come with various features for different occasions. While it’s quite straightforward for the essentials of a rear light, getting the best front light for you requires more research and contemplation!

No worries! I was at Treknology3 recently and here are 3 lights that I picked out!


Bontrager Ion 100 R Front bike light


Lights come in various sizes, so what if you like something cute and compact *like Lucy Liu*, then this one of those things.

It might be small but it’s 100 lumens high power CREE LED packs a punch. Mounting space on your handlebar is limited but fret not! You can neatly hook this light onto your handlebar with its rubber mounting. The light can last from 1.5 hours to as long as 16 hours on the modes available.



Again with Bontrager, the lights made are not just for shining light when it’s dark. They are made with daylight use in mind and even comes with an integrated sensor in flash mode to adjust the brightness!



Powered by: Internal Battery, rechargeable through Micro USB

Battery Life: Max 16 hours

Weight: 26g

Special features: Integrated sensor to adjust flash brightness.

Price: $59.99


Knog Power Rider

PWR Rider


If you had read my article a few weeks ago about holiday gifts, I have briefly mentioned one of the smaller knog pwr light series. This time, it’s its bigger brother the rider model.

For starters, you get 450 lumens, 2200mah power bank and a wide beam that is made for the cyclist in mind. It can run from just under 2 hours on the most powerful setting to a whopping 90 hours on the eco-friendly setting. Additional features include an app, called the Modemaker, which allows you to program the light modes.


Aero Knog, after a rough ride


It’s even super aero on a TT/Tri bike with its variable mount adjuster, which uses a screw to set your light orientation.

I would, however, recommend this for smaller diameter bars as the rubber mounting does look like it’s already fully stretched out even for the TT aerobars.

It definitely is a lifesaver when you lose battery on your Garmin or if your phone runs out of juice!



Powered by: Internal Battery, rechargeable through Micro USB

Battery Life: Max 90 hours

Weight: 115g

Special: Double up as a Powerbank

Price: $92.99


Bontrager Ion 800 R Front bike light


Need a light that provides 270 degrees of visibility? Then this is the one that could be perfect for trail riding. Packed with 800 lumens, the light modes allows between 1.5 hours to as long as 20 hours on a single charge.



The light mount is also excellent because it can fit bars as big as 35mm. It’s a lot bigger than the Ion 100 R but it can mount just as easily with its own rubber mounting.

This light is a steal; for its features and power it packs – you get a very valuable package. Oh! And did I mention it can be seen from as far as 1.5km away?



Powered by: Internal Battery, rechargeable through Micro USB

Battery Life: Max 20 hours

Weight: 220g

Special: 270 degrees of visibility

Price: $179.99


Which one’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

You can get all three front lights from Treknology at any one of their showrooms.


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