5 gifts to get your cycling bae this holiday season

You know your boyfriend, husband, wife, daughter or even your grandfather, love cycling. With so much components to ponder about and worrying if apparels fit or suit them, you get lost trying to get the best gift for them. Fret not! I have listed 5 top gifts for the favourite cyclist in your heart.


Ride Pacs


Handmade in Britain, this bag is just awesome. It’s waterproof and with an added bonus, have a water-resistant zipper. Inside you get plenty of space to put practically anything you need on a ride.

Your items won’t be cluttered inside because they made different compartments that help to separate your stuff. Most importantly, it fits easily into your cycling jersey pocket.



If you are talking about essentials, your cycling bae would totally love this! They come in many colours, where you can check out here!

Lucky for you, there is someone bringing it into Singapore. You can contact the local distributor Stefan @ +6581817206 or through The Ride Identity Facebook!


Pirelli Zero Velo Tires

Being a wear and tear components of a bicycle, tires can last as little as two weeks to 6 months. Having good rubber is important if you want to go far and fast.

Here is a newly released Pirelli Zero clincher tyre for road bikes. If you ask yourself why Pirelli sounds familiar, that tire brand is the same one in Formula 1.

P Zero Pirelli

Boasting very good rolling resistance, puncture resistance, grip and low weight, I am sure your cycling husband would want to have a go on these.

If they are faster on this, they get home even faster! You can get them locally at T3 Bicycles Gears for $71. There are other models too, so you can check it out there!


Abloc Bidons


It might be expensive bottle gift compared to the usual pro team labeled bidons, but this over here is a quality product. The problem with most bidons is they collect dirt internally. This is not healthy as you will end up drinking more than just your usual 100plus.




With abloc though, they are durable, last very long and have the anti-microbial technology to ensure your bottles are clean and prevent bacteria and germs from forming.

Personally, I have been using them for a year and have never used another bottle since. They come in different colours so pick one to match your boyfriend’s bicycle. Purchase these over at their website.


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Knog PWR Commuter Front Light



Okay, lights are pretty much straightforward but this one is special! It can double up as a power bank to charge your handphone or even your cycling computer when it’s out of juice!

Of course, you need to bring a cable, but that can easily be sorted out by bringing a compact one! It’s main job though is to provide front lighting at a maximum of 450 lumens.

The lighting has 6 different modes that can last as much as 35 hours. That’s not all, by December 2017, there will be an app that would allow you to setup your lighting settings via an app.

You can get this smart product by Knog at Treknology for $79.99.


2XU Compression socks

Your cycling dad just finished a 4 hours ride earlier with his mates on a Sunday morning. After resting for awhile, he is up and out with the family on the weekends.

You know he is feeling sore but he is still out with you. Reward him with this recovery socks! The 2XU compression socks help to improve circulation by graduated compression.


2xu compression socks


This aids in recovery after a hard session where the legs are in fatigue. There are many variations of the socks, so get one that suits him the most!

Most importantly, get him the support he needs with this gift! You can easily find this socks available at most sporting goods shop and even some at our local bike shop.

Happy holidays!!! 😉 


Irsyad Marican

Author: Irsyad Marican

Sports has always been close to his heart but racing bicycles is the extra special one. It’s been 3 years since his first race and there’s more in his tank. He enjoys time-trialling and loves bicycles that speaks to him.

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