4 other features of the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

In the first part of my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt review, I gave an overview of my first-hand experience with the product straight out of the box. This time, we’ll be focusing on some of the other features that make the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt stand out from the many bike computers in the market. 

Here are some of the extra features of the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt.


#1 Map

Depending on the region or type of city you live in, you might not always need a map. For myself, I use the map occasionally, especially if I take on overseas rides. 

More often than not, if data network is available, using the smartphone provides more information if you finding your way. Uploading it into the Wahoo would just be a bit more convenient.

Wahoo has a huge database of the map, which you can find here. It might not pop up straight away in the menu, so you may need to wait for a bit. Find your region and country and download for free! It’s quick so after that, you can check it out immediately on the Wahoo.

One of Wahoo’s strong points is that there are many functions to sync with other platforms. Here, you can easily upload routes you already ridden before, or routes you have already created inside Strava.



Using the routes from Strava, I noticed that there is no turn to turn navigation. What the Wahoo does is, it blinks and sounds off once you are on the route and does the same when you go off route.

You can also use the ‘Take me to’ feature.



This is where you find the destination you would want to go to through google, and it will upload straight into the Wahoo. Directions will be provided through turns and as usual, it will sound and notify you if you are going the wrong direction.

This feature will be similar to when you upload a route through RideWithGps. Do note that the map can’t make ‘on the spot’ changes to your route if you miss a turn. You have to look at the map to figure out how to get back to the set route.



#2 Live Tracking

There are many reasons why you should use this. One, if you’re meeting a friend and you guys link up by checking the live location through the app.

Secondly, for safety. Your wife can check your location live to see if you are okay. Then again, she might be looking to see if you add an unauthorised additional stop during your ‘Just a 1 hour spin with my buddy’.

I’ve used this a few times. There were some issues with linking it to Facebook and Instagram. I found that it was just easiest to send an email to get the link. Once you are in it, everything is good. Sadly though, the connection gets lost in the middle of rides and it will just end there.

I don’t think it’s Wahoo to blame because your phone needs to be stable to support this function. Phones with Bluetooth, data, GPS and Wifi switched on can be wonky from the little things. This would probably take some time for the developers to get the App and phones to work flawlessly in transmitting live data without interference.


#3 Notification

With Bluetooth switched on, you can easily get notifications of messages and calls right on your Wahoo’s page. It saves you the time from physically taking out your phone during the ride.

Giving you that power to decide if you actually need to stop and answer the call or messages. Having said that, notification from Whatsapp and Wechat will not sync with your Wahoo. 

With time I hope they incorporate these apps into the notification feature as it’s much more commonly used now compared to general messaging.


#4 Workouts

This is a useful function especially for those more serious about their fitness. By default, there are already some workouts in it by Team Sky.


Team Sky workouts
Dreadful Test


However, that doesn’t mean you can upload your own workout. Here, you’ll be able to sync the workout from Trainer Road and Kmoot.

Having uploaded one of the default programs, the Wahoo does a decent job in providing notification to prepare you for your sets.

This really sets the Wahoo apart from other GPS, especially when they have the Wahoo Kickr in the product line as well. They are seamlessly integrated together to cater even more functions. Additionally, the Wahoo has test indicators to record your Vo2 max and data related to it!

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