CNY Lo-Hei Ride 2018: Uniting cyclists, rewarding communities

Last month, over 200 cyclists attended the CNY Lo-Hei Ride in celebration of the Lunar New Year. With the aim of solidifying the bonds of various cycling groups in Singapore, the event brought the community closer by uniting passionate cyclists through a cohesion ride ending with fun games, lucky draws, and rewarding cyclists with prizes. 

Amongst the lucky draw prizes was a Dura Ace WH-R9100 C40 Clincher Wheel worth S$2600. The grand prize was awarded to the lucky winner, Albert Tan from Riding Kakis. 


Dr Lam Pin Min congratulating Albert Tan for winning the grand prize: Dura Ace WH-R9100 C40 Clincher Wheel.


Grand prize for the lucky draw worth $2600. The DURA-ACE C40 Wheelset is a lightweight, responsive all-rounder. It has a 40mm deep rim allowing more balanced low inertia and aerodynamics.


Albert Tan collecting his prize at Shimano Gallery.


Through this annual event, the committee hopes to be able to:

  • Promote world cycling safety rules and regulations
  • Further, educate motorists to respect cyclists as road users
  • Promote patience & graciousness among road users
  • Encourage young cyclists to represent Singapore at an international level.

This yearly initiative will also shed light on key environmental concerns such as efforts to reduce the carbon footprint for a better future; improve our health as individuals and as a nation and build a constructive ecosystem of social connectivity for the cycling community. So do remember to support next year’s ride!


Check out more of the highlights here: 


Remember to join us next year for a jolly good time – who knows, you might just be the next lucky winner of the grand prize!

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