Over 200 cyclists gather for the annual CNY Lo-Hei Ride

More than 200 cyclists cycled from Shimano Cycling World to Soek Seng 1954 Cafe on 24th Feb, for the annual Chinese New Year Lo-Hei Ride hosted by Soek Seng 1954 Cafe/Gallery and co-organised by the People’s Association.


Team Yimage ready for the ride to Soek Seng Cafe.
Joy Riders, one of the largest cycling groups in Singapore, came down and showed support as well.


With the aim of solidifying the bonds of various cycling groups in Singapore, cyclists not only gathered to celebrate the Lunar New Year, but to also promote unity amongst passionate cyclists through cohesion rides such as this. 


Senior Minister of State for Health and Transport, Dr Lam Pin Min (left) and Mr Poon Kng Joo (Ah Joo/Uncle Joo), owner of Soek Seng 1954 Cafe and Soek Seng Gallery


The CNY Lo-Hei Ride started off at 6am with the cyclists riding from Shimano Gallery to Soek Seng 1954 Cafe.

After which a lion dance performance was held upon arrival of Guest-of-Honour, Dr Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State for Health and Transport and Grassroots Advisor to Sengkang West GROs.


Welcoming the new year with a lion dance outside Soek Seng 1954 Cafe.


A massive Lo-Hei session also took place with the GOH and event committee leading the lo-hei. 


Lo-Hei away!!


Huat ah!!!


Cyclists clad in CNY-themed jerseys to commemorate the year of the Dog

Jersey designed by Ah Joo and team.
Team Yimage


Women’s fashion show 😉


Team Cyclenauts


Games, lucky draws, and lots of ice cream

Cyclists of all ages came down to support the event. There were lots of games, lucky draws, ice cream(!!) and lots of food and drinks as well!


Family-friendly team with the youngest member at age 6!
Shooting target games available for all to play!
“I think I might be going too fast.”
Dancing session with talented Samson and friends.
A colourful mess 🙂


Importance of safe road cycling and public awareness

Dr. Lam with the SportsIN Cycling team


In an interview with SportsIN Cycling, Dr Lam mentioned the importance of building safe infrastructure for cyclists. 

“I think from the Ministry side we are trying to raise awareness as well as increase public education on road cycling, but I’m also glad that at the ground level there are many ground-up initiatives such as this event and there are many organisations out there who’ve also been helping out in promoting safe cycling and also to encourage more people to cycle,” said Dr. Lam.



As youths are getting more and more inclined to cycling and commuting with a bike, Dr Lam mentioned that educating the public about cycling etiquette is imperative for the next generation. 

“First of all, we need to raise awareness of the convenience of using cycling as a mode of transport and of course at the same time we also want to educate the public about safe riding because cycling also encompasses certain etiquette such as sharing the pathways, not just with vehicles but fellow pedestrian.”

“We also want to let people know about the benefits of cycling – not only is it environmentally friendly because of the carbon footprint – but there are also other health benefits in the form of exercise.”


Not just about CNY


Through this annual event, the committee will be able to promote world cycling safety rules and regulations; further educate motorists to respect cyclists as road users; promote patience & graciousness among road users; as well as encourage young cyclists to represent Singapore at an international level.

This yearly initiative will also shed light to key environmental concerns such as efforts on reducing carbon footprint for a better future; improving our health as an individual and a nation by using cycling as a means of social connectivity; and building a constructive ecosystem for the cycling community. So do remember to support next year’s ride!


Happy New Year! Huat ah!!

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