What are the benefits of taking BorschMed joint supplements?

Borsch Med Pte Ltd was set up to focus on developing and marketing genuine health and lifestyle products of the highest quality. Responding to the hectic lifestyle of modern societies, for a start, Borsch Med aims to provide Traditional Chinese Medicine products that can supplement your daily diets.

It also aims to be socially responsible in looking after the welfare of consumers’ needs, addressing prevailing health issues and for users at large.

If you’re a cyclist who face joint problems, fret not. These 4 benefits of taking Borsch Med joint supplements might help alleviate some of the pain and improve your performance.


#1 Regenerates & Reinforces cartilage and joint structure

Ingested collagen peptide accumulates in cartilage and promotes the synthesis of collagen in cartilage. Glucosamine works synergistically together with collagen to help repair and regenerate injured or worn out cartilage. 


#2 Improves Joint Mobility and Flexibility

Chondroitin sulfate keeps joints hydrated by helping cartilage hold water, resulting in stronger joints. Nutrients dissolved in water are transported to the cartilage to provide nourishment for healthy cartilage.


#3 Relieves Inflammation

Joints degeneration occurs when cartilage-degrading enzymes attack cartilage cells. When cartilage cells degenerate, friction occurs during joint movement leads to inflammation over time.

Rose Hip extract reduces production of cartilage-degrading enzymes to reduce the breakdown in cartilage cells. This directly reduces inflammation and pain resulted from joints degeneration.


#4 Healthier Bones

Presence of collagen in bone matrix preferentially triggers osteoblasts (cells responsible for bone formation), which triggers bone formation.

Studies also showed that collagen could slow down bone resorption (body’s natural ability to break down bone matrix, one of the key factors resulting in bone loss)[8]. Hence the intake of collagen leads to increased bone firmness for stronger and healthier bones.


Lim Baoying, an ultra-endurance athlete who uses Borsch Med religiously gave some insights on the additional benefits:

How has Borsch Med products helped you in your endurance performance?

Endurance training takes many hours, weeks on weeks, and many times, even when I have compromised rest. And with my job as well, I’m highly susceptible to illnesses. I have been consuming Borsch Med 100% 2in1 Lingzhi And Cordyceps Powder Capsule because it’s so conveniently packaged, I could pop in 2 vegecaps whenever I feel lethargic and at the same time, it helps reduce the incidence of respiratory illness in me. Less URTI, more productive time spent in training, working and studying!

And when I feel that I need a treat, I pop open a bottle of New Moon Essence Of Chicken With Cordyceps, cold from the fridge. Yummy protein boost with energy perk.


How have BorschMed products helped you in terms of muscle wear and tear and/or joint pains and inflammation?

Glucosamine and collagen have been shown to help patients with osteoarthritis. Well, I don’t have osteoarthritis but I have not neglect joint health ever since I started endurance training years ago. I started off with taking plain Glucosamine but when I got introduced to Borsch Med which combined Glucosamine and Collagen, I made a switch. I’ve also got my Mother, who has knee osteoarthritis and needed joint viscosupplementation, to go on this supplement.

She doesn’t need viscosupplement for years already. I analogize endurance athletes taking Glucosamine supplement as “buying insurance”, do not start only when you have problems. Now Borsch Med has an even more high-powered All In 1 Glucosamine Plus Collagen 10,000mg With Chondroitin & Rose Hip For Joints powder in sachet or tin form, it becomes even more convenient to get all beneficial supplements in a single consumption.

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