STUDY: Cycling to work just as effective as going to the gym five days a week

Cycle to work often? Good news. You’re well on your way to slim city!

The results from a recent study of 130 overweight people indicated that active commuting might just be the fastest and easiest method to lose weight.

According to a study conducted by the International Journal of Obesity, those who commuted daily, leisurely, by bike for six months lost as many kilos as those who followed a weight-loss fitness routine.

The participants, who were aged between 20-45 years old, had a BMI of 25-35 kg/m2, making them officially overweight.

The study indicated that those who workout five times a week for 35-55 minutes lost 4.5kg while those who cycled to and from work (12km each day) lost 4.2kg.


Motivation for most overweight individuals

Doing the normal 30min cardio workout; running for miles on end in an effort to shed some weight, can be daunting for those wanting to kick start their journey to weight loss. 

But this could be good news for those who HATE routine exercises and joining a gym membership.

Or those that don’t have time to commit to going to the gym every so often because you have to pick your kids up after work or when you have to cook dinner at home.

With these in mind, why not give it a try and pedal your hearts out to work or wherever you’d want to go?

The fact that Singapore is so small and well connected for riders is another plus point too.

Pssst… It might even be a better option than taking the MRT (hehe).


What’s your motivation to cycle? Share them in the comments!


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