Ah Joo – The Master of Bike Art

People frequenting Ah Joo’s Soek Seng 1954 cafe in Singapore get the opportunity to immerse themselves in a cozy ambiance and bike culture.

And for art lovers in Singapore, Ah Joo has been a source of great inspiration. He not only gave identity to a wide range of bicycles but also painted his art on some popular car models.

An impatient artist, he keeps moving from one endeavor to another to simply satisfy his unparalleled artistic cravings.

Art gallery: Inspiration for all

Ah Joo’s latest endeavour is the art gallery that he is opening up to inspire others, especially the younger generation to give identity to the bike, and to oneself, via art.


He is working with a great team of budding artists to create the art gallery. However, he doesn’t wish to stop there and wants to hold workshops inside the gallery for all aspiring artists. His art gallery and workshops will cater to all levels, all ages.

The gallery provides a relaxing environment, which is a great source of inner strength for Ah Joo. Now he wants to teach about the inner strength and peace an artist can get from painting.

Ah Joo firmly believes that it’s far more than just painting, art is also about building self-confidence.

He wants to inspire by collaborating and give courage to those who want to try painting. He will be there to offer his consultation and assurance to all artists and art lovers through his upcoming workshops happening in the near future.

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