7 questions non-cyclists ask about cycling

No matter how much we try to justify our love for cycling, some people will never understand our obsession and why we ride our bikes so much. 

So here are just a few of the questions that non-cyclists can’t seem to understand about cycling. But it’s okay, so long as we enjoy ourselves, that’s all that matters! 



1. Doesn’t your butt hurt?

Sure, it does get uncomfortable after a long while, but the key to a happy bottom is a pair of quality padded shorts and a saddle that fits you well. It’s not about how much cushion the saddle has, but how well it fits your anatomy. 



 2. Don’t you get bored of riding for hours?

For me, every ride has a story to tell. And the ride doesn’t seem as long when the views are nice and you are riding with good company.

Does anyone get bored of their passion or hobby? 



3. Lycra and long socks? Hmm… I’m not sure about that fashion choice.

Lycra might look tight and uncomfortable, but it’s surprisingly not. Wearing lycra is part of the cycling lifestyle to embrace. Besides, there are so many fashionable choices out there in the market. 

Besides, jerseys full of sponsors can be quite nice too. If only we can wear lycra as well as Peter Sagan…


Whilst we’re on the subject of looks, long socks are typically favored by riders for their aesthetic qualities, offering more space for a little style and improved calf muscle definition. After all, it’s important to show off what you work so hard on.



 4. How much is your bike?

It’s up to you if you want to answer this question truthfully. Or you can be like my friend who said… “I just told my wife how much the frame costs”.



5. How do you manage to cycle such long distances?

100, 200km rides. They seem like manageable distances to us. But when you tell a non-cyclist that you have just completed a round island ride, they will look at you with admiration… “Woah, how did you do that?!” 



 6. Why would you want to ride up that hill/ why do you like climbing so much?

Truth be told, cycling can be a tough and brutal sport. Not all of us like to climb, but on a positive note, climbing trains us to be stronger and faster.

Also, the view is always great from the top, and what goes up must come down.

Oh we do love long and fast descents, don’t we? 

Cyclist climbing up Mt Faber. Photo credit: Women’s Cycling Project



7. Aren’t you afraid of being hit by a car?

I’m far more afraid of spending my life just sitting at home and doing nothing at all. 



What are some of the questions you have been asked by your non-cyclist friends? Let us know! 




Esther Koh
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