Zoo Zoom Day: Exploring Singapore Zoo On Two Wheels

On 8th September 2018, Singapore Zoo held a Zoo Zoom Day event, where people are allowed to bring their two-wheeled friends or any non-electrical mobility devices such as skateboards and roller skates into the park. Electric or battery-powered devices such as e-scooters, segways and hover boards were not allowed to enter.
“Zoo Zoom Day (ZZD) aims to create new reasons for guests to visit Singapore Zoo and see our park in a new light.  It is also an opportunity to tap into an increasing trend in healthy lifestyle practices and cycling/use of mobility devices.”
-Ms Sandy Lee, Head of marketing, Wildlife Reserves Singapore. 
Map of Singapore Zoo


If you follow the tram route, cycling this path non-stop takes between 15-20 minutes. However, the Zoo recommends that participants stop by to visit the various exhibits such as RepTopia and Fragile Forest. Parking spots allow participants to park their bikes while they explore the exhibits.



Tram services were suspended to make way for this event. People explored the zoo by wheels or by foot. 
There were some who opted for the SGbike rental, where you could pay instantly using your EZ-link card after linking it with the SGbike mobile app. There were 200 SGbikes available for hire. 
The speed limit was capped at 5km/h. Even children can be part of ZZD as parents can rent an SG bike that comes with a baby seat (suitable for 2 – 5 years old)! 
The crowds started to pour in after the heavy rain subsided at 10am. The floor was still wet, so most of the visitors opted to walk instead. It was tiring though; it took me 4 hours to cover the whole park. 
According to Ms Sandy Lee, Head of Marketing of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, “Guests can potentially cover more exhibits in a shorter span of time with wheels versus on foot. Hopefully, this will provide them with more time to learn about wildlife so they can have a memorable wildlife experience.”
Singapore Zoo can be a venue for healthy lifestyle practices and outdoor activities for the community. One cyclist told me that they welcomed the idea of bringing their bicycles into the park and hope that the zoo will continue to organise such events in future. Though I feel that the tourists should be more mindful of incoming cyclists before cutting across the path.  
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