Beginner’s guide: Ways to cycle faster and increase your average speed

Let’s be honest — we are obsessed with speed. We are continuously dreaming about the fastest car, fastest bike, even the fastest train (*ahem*). We always want to travel faster or in this case — cycle faster. So, it’s natural to wonder how much faster you’re capable of going as soon as you start pedalling your bike. 

If you’re looking for the most basic ways to improve your average speed, we’ve come up with a few tips for you to cycle faster. 


#1 Bend and tuck your elbows

The biggest barrier to cycle faster is wind resistance. You can ride faster by reducing your frontal area, which makes it easier for you to cut through the wind. One simple way to accomplish that is by slightly lowering your body on the bike, which is done by bending and tucking in your elbows closer to the handlebars.


#2 Ride in groups

This may not be everybody’s favourite option, but it’s proven that you cycle faster riding with others – particularly in group rides. Riding in groups encourage you to put more effort as it compels you to be competitive. Trying to go faster with someone will help to raise your average speed. In addition, it will also enhance your fitness levels and endurance.


#3 Keep your tires properly inflated

Correctly inflated and maintained tires roll faster. Before you take your bike for a spin, check your tire pressure because air leaks and changes in temperatures can make the tires flat without any punctures.


#4 Brake less

This is pretty obvious. Pushing your brakes less often will help you to cycle faster. Braking slows you down and to regain your speed you need to pedal harder to accelerate. It wastes energy and momentum. If you want to improve your speed, don’t brake when you’re rolling downhill or on a fast lane and you’re a bit quicker than usual. Also, refrain from brakes during cornering or while making turns.


#5 Lose weight

If you want to cycle faster, lose some of your own weight helps. It will make a significant impact on how fast you can ride. Less weight means you don’t have to pedal harder to move against the gravity, which will allow you to ride faster for the same amount of effort. Losing weight will also reduce your overall body size, which will reduce the drag.


#6 Don’t ride against the wind

When it comes to cycling, wind can be both your friend and your adversary. A headwind can make riding difficult and will slow you down. Meanwhile, a tailwind can easily accelerate you to higher speeds.


#7 Tight clothing

Wearing slim or tight-fitting cycling clothes have two major benefits. One, the clothes materials disperses heat and sweat, which keeps you dry and cool. This makes riding less tiring. Two, loose-fitting clothing creates a lot of drag, which eventually slows you down.


#8 Build muscle

If you want to cycle faster, you need to strengthen your cycling muscles and develop your efficiency over time. There isn’t any better alternative than that when it comes to improving your cycling fitness.

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