How to wash your bike in under 10 minutes

Is cleaning your bike that hard? Or are you just too lazy? Take care of your bicycle so it will take care of you! Do it regularly so that you won’t have to do a major overhaul every time you do it! Here’s how I do it in under 10 minutes.

To start it off. The most important thing you’ll need is to follow this motto – keep it simple and economical.


Degreaser, brush, hand cloth, water with dishwater liquid.



Try to get something biodegradable and also friendly to your residential pipes. Getting something too industrially strong may damage your sewage pipes in a long run!

I got one where the solvent easily breaks down when doused with water. Other alternatives, kerosene, Simple Green, Citrus degreaser. I transferred mine into a spray bottle as it is much easier to apply it this way!



Get a brush that is big enough to scrap your cassette but also small enough to clean the insides of your pulley cages. Nylon brushes get the job done pretty well.


Hand Cloth

I got this because it’s so much easier to clean a frame than a flat piece of microfibre cloth. You put your hands in it, soak into the water and get on your way.



You just need a small pail of it, so you don’t waste too much water. You are not washing an elephant.

Some may buy specific washing soap, such as those for washing cars, but I find that dishwashing liquid is equally good enough! 2 squirts from dishwashing liquid is sufficient.


The Set Up

The Set Up

I put it up this way so that water drips down. Try to find your best position in the bathroom!


Step 1: Degreaser on cassette and chain


Spray on Cassette


Step 2: Use your brush on the drive train

Step 3: Soak the hand cloth into the soapy water

Step 4: Wash the whole bike

Start cleaning the contact parts first; saddle, hoods, handlebar, handlebar tape



After that, the frameset and fork.



Don’t forget the wheelset!



Step 5: Rinse

Rinse with water, start with your drivetrain.



And then your whole bicycle.



Step 6: Wipe dry

Wipe dry with a cloth, one for your frameset and one for your drivetrain.



It is especially important to wipe your drivetrain dry because the parts can rust easily if you leave water on it.



All in 10 minutes!


Check out some of my bonus tips…


Tip #1: GT86.

This is similar to WD40 but better. What I do is spray GT86 at all the metal parts to prevent rusting. I also spray it inside the shifters, to help displace water if some got in.

Why not WD40?

Because WD40 clunks up your internals after awhile as it would dry up in the area it was applied and leave its remnants.


Tip #2: DO NOT spray water directly onto the bottom bracket or hubs.

It will be a nightmare taking your bicycle out the next ride and it squeaks on every rotation. Some of you might have those jet spray hoses; be especially careful with that.

The pressured water can easily find its way into your internal parts. However, it might be useful for spraying the drive train. Otherwise, just use the normal hose and rinse down carefully.


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