This trick will help you keep your bottles cool for a longer time

Having the sun out is definitely better than a gloomy pouring day full of wet roads and cancelled rides. But hot sunny days – especially the blistering ones can cause big problems — like staying cool and hydrated.

If you’re cyclists, nothing’s worse than riding miles on a hot day and not being able to refresh with cold water. Nobody wants to get drenched with a mouthful of gross, hot water. But, it does not have to be that way.

Staying cool is crucial and we will reveal tricks that help your bottles cool for a longer period. There is a simple technique to keep the water in your bottles cool on those sweltering hot day trips.


Here’s how:

Fill your bottle halfway with water. Don’t fill the entire bottle. Now, put the bottle in your freezer on its side, not up straight. This will create a column of ice the side of the bottle. Take out the bottle and fill up the rest half of the bottle with water, and, man, you’re ready to roll.



There is also another way to keep your water bottles cool. This time you will need an insulated water bottle, or combine water with a drink mix.

Experts recommend you should drink at a rate of 10 – 12 mm (millilitres) per Kg (kilogram) of your body weight. In layman terms, that is approximately a bottle of 590ml every hour for a rider weighing 70kg.

Various studies have reported that drinking water assists in shedding excess weight, counter kidney diseases, and improves your mood.

So, if you want to stay hydrated and motivated out there; follow this simple trick to keep your beverages and water bottles cool.

It does not only help you during cycling but also help you hydrated during any outdoor games or activities!

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