A Tribute To Philip Sim, A Cyclist Loved By Many

A good friend of SportsIn Cycling, Philip Sim, left us on Friday, 18 January 2019. He passed away from a cardiac arrest while cycling in Skudai, Malaysia. He was only 55 years old. 

Philip founded the cycling groups “A Taste Of Johor” and “Cookie Monsters”.


Philip’s motto was, “Get to know one new friend.” 


Photo: Philip Sim


“By forming cycling groups, it’s how I serve the community. To lead and to guide, to cherish the moments we share, stories we tell, and the friends we make for life.” -Philip Sim


When we first started SportsIn Cycling, Philip provided many useful insights that shaped what SportsIn Cycling is today. Philip will always be remembered for being the friendly, kind, jovial cyclist, who was always so willing to help. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Johor where Philip introduced us to hidden food gems.



Photo: Philip Sim


In a previous interview, we asked Philip why he loved to organise rides in Singapore and Malaysia. 

“I love to organise rides. Creating the perfect experience, finding the best places and routes to cycle, it’s fantastic. The moments we stopped to wait for each other, and the makan sessions where we get to know each other better and over time, friendships form. We form a bond, a fabric that makes us brothers and sisters.”



Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Philip will forever be in our hearts and memories.

Thank you Philip, for being such a wonderful friend. 


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