#BikeStrong: Celebrating 10 years of Tri-Factor Series Singapore

The Tri-Factor Series Singapore will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. What better way to celebrate years of fruitful races than rewarding athletes with new challenges and free cycling jerseys!

Tri-Factor hopes to continue challenging you for another 10 years – organising more races here in Singapore and overseas in their New Asian Championship 2018/19.


Photo credit: Zan Ang. Republished with permission via TriFactor


For the 10th Year Anniversary, they’ve included a Long Multi-Sport Distance to challenge very serious athletes right in the heart of Singapore. Multi-sport junkies will be able to do a 28km Bike > 10km Run > 28km bike, in the Long Distance CycleRun Challenge.

Series participants will also be entitled to a visor and finisher Jersey (upon completion) in celebration of the 10th Year anniversary.


Race categories (extended still available) 


Check out the race categories (above). It’s not too late to sign up, the extended period still applies so hurry and get your spot!


Photo credit: TriFactor Facebook


Cycling jerseys for free!

#bikestrong: TRI-Factor Bike Jersey 2018


Participants in the Individual Bike 49km, Individual CycleRun Standard and Individual CycleRun Long Distance get the Bike Jersey for free! 



All Series sign-ups will get a 10-year commemorative Tri-Factor Visor and upon completion a Series Finisher Cycling Jersey!


Tri-Factor Bike & CycleRun Challenge 2018 Race route

Photo credit: Zan Ang. Republished with permission via TriFactor


The Tri-Factor Bike & CycleRun Challenge is a chance for you to challenge yourself and push yourself further right at the heart of Singapore. Roads will be closed at the CBD area to facilitate the race. 


Bike course:


CycleRun course:


Photo credit: Zan Ang. Republished with permission via TriFactor


Don’t have a bike? Not to worry! Simply follow the procedures here:

1. Download the bike rental form here!

2. Fill up and send the scanned form to bicycle@slitegroup.com.

3. Upon receipt, they will contact you via your email on the payment and rental arrangement.

4. Collect your bike and helmet on the event day from the bike rental booth.

5. Race!

6. When you have completed the race, return the bike and helmet to the bike rental booth and you are done!


Check out the event website for tickets and race information! 


Are you ready for some great 2-wheel action? It’s going to be one exciting celebration! So get your bikes ready for this new 2018 edition!

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