Soek Seng team takes on Tour of Friendship R1 Thailand 2018

Held for a span of 5 days at Kanchanaburi on April 28th to 2nd May, this year’s Tour of Friendship R1 Thailand sees more than 200 participants (39 cycling groups) from 41 countries.

Though the format of the race is competitive throughout, participants have the freedom to choose which race they are comfortable to compete in.

The Tour of Friendship 2018 race comprised of an individual time trial and mass start events which covers KOMs and long distance endurance courses.



Amongst the various tribes, 13 cyclists representing the Soek Seng team flew over to experience an intense couple of days. We’ve asked Poon Kng Joo (Ah Joo), founder of Soek Seng team to share some of his experience and advice to those who’d like to participate in the long-run. 



The Soek Seng team ready to roll!


Team Soek Seng goals for this event were to experience professional competitive cycling, to support other Singapore teams and to encourage the spirit of building friendship through cycling.


All geared up and ready for the intense couple of days!

453km in 5 days

According to Ah Joo, the whole event comprises approximately 453km over five days.

Stage 1

Individual Time Trial 17.8 km (Kampangsen)

Stage 2
KOM climb for 84km 
The Pavilion Rim Kwai Resort Hotel – Lake Haven Resort KOM 89km 

Stage 3
KOM climb for 100km, 
The Pavilion Rim Kwai Resort Hotel – Srinakarin Dam 100/75km 

Stage 4
Road Cycling for 125km
The Pavilion Rim Kwai Resort Hotel – Vajiralongkorn Dam

Stage 5
Road cycling for 89km
The Pavilion Rim Kwai Resort Hotel – Wangdong


What were the route and terrain like?

Stage 5: The Pavilion Rim Kwai Resort Hotel – Wangdong Photo credit: Tour of Friendship R1 Thailand Facebook page


“There were different routes and terrains every day. The time trial was probably the most contained at an army camp with many military personals stationed to assist riders.

Terrains for stage two and three were challenging with multiple climbs up to 1,700m elevation but ended at scenic viewpoints of the dams. Stage four and five were rolling terrains with routes bringing us past nature park and local farms,” says Ah Joo.


Photo credit: Tour of Friendship R1 Thailand Facebook page


Photo credit: Tour of Friendship R1 Thailand Facebook page
Mandatory group shot during breaks


Yummy street food to satisfy their cravings


He advised those who’d want to take part in the future to train hard for climbs and to build your endurance cycling in hot weather. It’s also best to get your bicycle equipped with the proper ratio for different terrains.

If you’re interested in the next one, it’s most likely happening on 28 April – 1 May 2019 at Khaoyai National Park.

For more information on next year’s Tour of Friendship R1 Thailand, visit their Facebook page!

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