The 2019 Pro Series by Shimano: All new bike bags for the adventure junkie

All New PRO Range Bags 

Bicycle component brand PRO expands its line up to include dedicated gravel bike bags. 


Featuring Shimano’s PRO Series’ 4 adventure bags, for big days in the saddle. 


1. Handlebar bag

Shimano’s 8l waterproof handlebar bag


The 8l waterproof handlebar bag features a main pouch that can be opened on both sides with a removable cover that doubles up as the handlebar mount. It features three Velcro straps to mount to head tube and handlebar with two ‘shock blocks’ to prevent rubbing and give your hands clearance on the bars. The cover comes with a cord and toggle for easy storage of larger items like sleeping bags or jackets.


2. Seat pack

Shimano’s 15l seat pack


The seat pack features one big 15l bag that mounts to the saddle or seat post with buckle fasteners and a shock block to prevent sideways play and excessive abrasion on the seat post. High-vis elements and toggle cords feature on the outside and the inner plastic forming plate can be removed to give additional space. 


3. Frame bag 

Shimano’s 5.5l frame bag


The 5.5l frame bag sits in between the seat tube, head tube and top tube with two sections. The right section is for larger item storage with a removable divider. The narrower left section is for food and other items you want to grab on the bike. The bag mounts with two top tube Velcro straps (front one adjustable) and a seat tube strap.


4. Top tube bag

Shimano’s 0.75l top tube bag


The 0.75l top tube bag can be bolted to the frame, which is especially useful if your frame comes with top tube bolts behind the stem. It also comes with removable Velcro straps if you need to mount the bag in this way. The bag itself can be used to store food or valuables with an easy access reverse-pull looped zip and features an opening port for charging cable access to electronic units and devices, plus an external cord and toggle for quick storage of clothing or food.


All items come in an attractive dark grey/green and feature soft Velcro tabs to prevent scratching against frames.

The new PRO Discover bike bags should be in stores from October 2018.





About PRO: At PRO we have a simple mission: To work together with the best people in the world to make the best products in the world. That’s why we work with the best riders, designers and The Shimano Dynamics Lab to co-create the products you use. The pro’s who put their name to our products are not just figureheads – they actually help design, prototype, test, modify, improve and fine-tune the most important components on your bike. They push our products to and often beyond their limits – on some of the world’s toughest road, trails, mountains and tracks. POWERS YOUR PERFORMANCE


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