Fast facts: The budget breakdown cost of going aero

Ever wondered what is the cost of going aero? We’ve tabulated some of the expenditure needed to give you a sense of how much you’re typically investing for time saved! Here we go!


Aero Frame

Aero bikes are clearly here to stay and for good reason. They really go faster than an all-out lightweight bike. You feel the difference when you coast and ride on a tempo by yourself.

A top of the line frameset can easily cost anywhere from $3500 to $10000; from the likes of a Canyon Aeroad, the S-Works Venge and the Pinarello F10. In a real-world test done by an ex-racer, just by using an aero frame allowed him to be more than 3 minutes faster than a traditional normal frame in an hour test.

That would be $20 spent per second saved!


Aero Wheels


A few decades ago, there may be some who are not so convinced with aero wheels. But in this day and age, whenever a subject of upgrading comes about, wheels are often the first thing that comes up.

Typically, what the wheel does is manipulate the wind so drag will be minimized. Many brands have unique and different methods on how they do it, but one thing is for sure, they always look aesthetically pleasing on your bike.



A decent profile wheel can fetch anywhere from $1000-$8000. Over at Flo cycling, their research shows you can get more than a minute saved with an aero wheel.

You get about $16 spent per second saved!


Aero Helmet

Although the most important purpose of the helmet is to protect your head, priority is also to ensure there’s enough ventilation. But since our heads are always jutting out in front, that didn’t stop the industry from trying to improve speed by designing helmets that ‘make you go faster’.

In many tests done by various helmet manufacturers, it is clear that you can save as much as 50 seconds for an hour of a TT. The S works Evade for example is about 46 seconds faster than the ventilated Prevail.

Verdict: $6.50 spent per seconds saved!



Apart from making you look super fit, skinsuits add that extra look of confidence, if I do say so myself. Its primary goal is to ensure the clothing on you is fitted snug; preventing wrinkles or loose clothing from affecting your speed.

They range from $150 to as high as $800. With just the suit alone, you can get time savings of at least 30seconds in an hour! Check out the test done here.

Verdict: That’s $2.50 spent per second saved!


The Trusty Blade

Yes. The bang for buck aero gains is not a cycling equipment per se, but actually, just some ‘landscaping’ management. Shaving your legs (and maybe your elbows too) smooth the airflow over your body.


The Trusty Blade


Knowing that your body accounts for more than 70% of drag on the bike, you would want to make sure you are as slippery as possible. These razors are easily available at $1 in a pack of 3.


Shavy Shavy


Tested by Specialized’s ‘Wind Tunnel’ experiment,  you’re able to gain close to a minute in a 40 km time trial. So there you go!

Verdict: $0.15 or just 15cents spent per second saved!

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