Review: THE BIB by RedWhite

Comfort. Price. Fit. These are the three main factors most cyclists look out for when buying a bib short. 

We tested the RedWhite female and male bibs for a few months over short, hard rides and long, endurance rides of more than 100km. Here is our honest review of their bibs:

‘The BIB’ is RedWhite’s flagship long-distance cycling bib shorts. Weighing at 210g, it comes in 4 sizes for the men (S, M, L, XL) and five sizes for the ladies (XS, S, M, L, XL). 

Fabric and Fit

RedWhite cycling bibs use Italian fabrics from MITI. The fabric used is a 220gsm matt black fabric with 20% Lycra POWER (an elastic fibre with compressive qualities) and 80% nylon.

The bib has a higher cutting at the waist, but it holds onto my abdomen snugly, providing me with ample support. The material is very comfortable and almost feels like a second skin. 

The bib shorts are held in place with twin straps that stretch over your shoulders. They are broad and stretchy and did not feel like it’s pulling me down or digging into my skin, even when I was riding in an aggressive position on the hoods.

Even though the bib wicks sweat efficiently, which is suitable for Singapore’s hot and humid climate, the material tends to be on the thinner side. The butt line is visible, especially in broad daylight. 


“Our main lycra is not the same as most brands out there. Instead of a polyester blend, we use a nylon blend (this provides a more second skin and supple feel)” -RedWhite


The bib material is thin and aids cooling, but from this picture, you can tell that the material is quite thin. 



RedWhite uses a silicone microdot gripper; a lycra fabric that is overlaid with hundreds of microbeads of silicone. 


The rubber gripper is made of microdots which hold well onto the leg and does not cut into the skin. When pedalling and your leg is in a flexed position, you would not feel the rubber pulling on the leg. The gripper hugs but does not constrict. It did not give me any skin irritations as well.

There are two reflective tapes on the rear side of the gripper, which would be useful for early morning and night rides. 


Chamois padding

Women’s bib on the left, men’s on the right.


The chamois is constructed in a way such that there are variable levels of foam thickness and density to keep the pad thinner where you do not need much cushioning, and more padding where you do need it. The pad is reasonably soft and has some flex to it, so it shapes to your body well. 

The female bib short is wider to fit wider sit bone widths, and slightly shorter in length than the male bibs. I found that the padding is quite thick but comfortable, even when I went for rides longer than 100km. 



RedWhite female chamois Source: https://www.redwhite.cc


For the male’s chamois, the padding follows the contour of the anatomy and does not rub against the groin. However, some of my friends had issues where the chamois padding tended to get stuck in between their butt cheeks whenever they got off the bike. Therefore, standing and walking might be uncomfortable for some. 


RedWhite male chamois Source: https://www.redwhite.cc


For both the male and female chamois, you will find that the padding rests slightly lower than other bibs in the market. 

RedWhite has two types of padding in their bibs line; one catered to competitive racers, and one for endurance riders. The Bib chamois (built for endurance) is 16% denser than the race version.


The Race vs The Bib chamois Source: https://www.redwhite.cc


Washing instructions

RedWhite recommends that you hand wash your bibs in mild detergents, and to use a washbag if you are using a washing machine (in mild settings) to ensure the durability of the bibs. 


“Our Bibshorts use a chamois that’s been manufactured using a process called Thermic-Moulding. The moulding process causes the foam material to harden slightly.
Soaking your bib shorts overnight helps soften up and season the moulded foam, allowing it to become comfortable quickly.”


Benefits of supporting local:

Founders Amreet and Yuva offer excellent customer service to their customers by responding to emails promptly, so you won’t have to worry if you have ordered a wrong size and would like to make an exchange. Also, since their office is located in Singapore, you do not have to wait for 2 weeks to receive your online order too. 


Final verdict:

1. Comfort and fit: The RedWhite bib has a thicker pad than the usual, but it provides extra support for mile after mile. The chamois is housed in a pair of bib shorts that fits perfectly, with a nice level of compression through the legs. However, the geometry of the padding might not suit every individual, so it is worth heading down to their office to try out before getting yourself a pair. 

2. Price: At $160-170 a pair, the price is affordable for the quality that it offers.  

3. Material: Breathable and wicks sweat effectively, but slightly transparent.



About the Founders

The founders (Amreet and Yuva) were both students in NTU where they met in the cycling club. Fast forward a few years, still very passionate about cycling and the need for better and well-priced bibs for longer rides, they decided to embark on the process of creating one for themselves. Many months, iterations with materials, manufacturers and everyone in the supply chain process, they came up with their flagship “The Bib” and decided to start the company.

RedWhite is expanding their product lines, specifically for women too, slated for the end of 2018 and early 2019 so do look out for that! If you would like to get your hands on a pair, click here to shop now. 

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