How to store your bike indoors

Cyclists take joy and pride in their bikes when riding, but unfortunately not all of us store it well because of the lack of space in our homes. 

But there are some clever and convenient options to store your bike. Let’s take a look at how you can store your bike inside your house.

But before that allow me to tell you that there are permanent bike storage solutions that are usually mounted on walls or ceilings. But, if you’re living in a rented home, this can become problematic. Therefore, we divided this guide into two storage options — permanent storage solutions and temporary storage solutions.  


Store your bike indoors: Permanent storage solutions

This is a good proposition if you own your house with solid walls or ceilings that are capable to support weight and other installations. Generally, permanent type racks are the most affordable alternatives out there and these racks can be customized to meet your requirements. Permanent racks can be installed either horizontally or vertically.


#1 Vertical racks


If you want to store your bike indoors, this method is the best. Vertical racks hold the bicycle by a single wheel. This method is also the most efficient way to store multiple bikes together. Many bike shop workshops also use vertical racks to store bikes.

Vertical racks can be easily made by screwing hooks into a masonry wall or into a ceiling beam or wooden wall post. These vertical hooks are quite basic in construction and appearance and come in a range of sizes. You can easily get them from hardware stores.


If you’re looking for something more advanced and secure, there are models from Topeak, X-Tools, and PRO to name a few. These hooks include bolts that are attached to the wall with multiple attachment points. They also have a built-in backing plate.

If money isn’t an issue, then check out the SteadyRack. The SteadyRack is a premium permanent vertical hook that not only has a superb, unique design; it also allows you to hang your bike almost 180 degrees. This design gives you access to other bikes or has the bike parked against the wall.


#2 Horizontal racks


Vertical storage works best when the width is an issue, but horizontal storage is ideal there is a lack of depth of space. Basic solutions include bolting foldable hangers to the wall, while the expensive options look more visually appealing. Brands such as Feedback Sports have models that come with adjustable hooks to accommodate a range of frame shapes.


#3 Hoists


If you’ve plenty of wall or ceiling space, the hoist system is a great option. Commonly seen in hardware stores for hanging ladders and kayaks, they can also be used to hang bicycles. Typically, amateur riders use this system to store their bikes. The Racor Bike Lift is an affordable option. 


Store your bike indoors: Temporary storage solutions

If you’re renting or just don’t like drilling stuff, these non-permanent rack solutions will work for you.


#1 Ceiling-to-floor rack

This non-permanent rack solution consists of a pole that is clamped between the floor and ceiling. Brands like  Topeak Dual-Touch and Feedback Sports Velo Column make great and stylish ceiling-to-floor racks.


#2 Wall-leaning racks


Wall-leaning racks are rarely seen bike storage solutions that are propped against a vertical surface. However, they don’t fare well with slippery floors.


#3 Free-standing racks

Topeak, Thule, and Feedback Sports make good free-standing racks. These racks have a solid or tripod base to support the pole where the bikes are hanged. These bike storage racks aren’t as hassle-free when compared to celling-to-floor racks, but they’re ideal for cyclists lacking a solid ceiling in their homes.

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