Top 5 speed training tips to ace time trials

In Singapore, there is nothing wrong in getting lured by the spectacular cycle routes that invite you to evaluate your cycling prowess.

Whether it’s a round island ride, Mandai or Mount Faber Loop – racing on these cycling routes requires a very professional approach if you want to train seriously.

Keep in mind that you’re going to compete against some of the best cyclists in Singapore. Thus, to stay at the top of your game, you must follow an effective time trial training regimen.


What is a Time Trial?

Well, it’s similar to racing against time! You start your race solo at a preset time and set various intervals in between the other competitors. This ensures that the cyclist clocking the fastest time wins subsequently. Now, if you aim to ace the time trials or win against the best cyclists of Singapore, it’s imperative that you stick to the pro speed training tips.

The primary objective of time trials or TT training plans is to raise the aerobic threshold for more aerobic power and gain speed.

According to fellow time trial experts we spoke to, here’s how you do it like a pro:


#1 Building the VO2 ceiling to raise the FTP

Firstly, you need to take your FTP or the Functional Threshold Power to an altogether new height. For that, you have to build your VO2 ceiling. This means you need to maximize your oxygen intake capacity and make your heart stronger. VO2 will evaluate your aerobic capacity or oxygen intake capacity.


#2 Increase the muscular endurance

To be able to ride faster, you need to make sure that your muscles produce as much power as possible. This is possible, only when you work on your shoulder, waist, thigh, and cuff muscles. This is an indispensable part of your time trials training.


#3 Spinning faster as that helps you to gain speed

This is another way of increasing the neuromuscular coordination of your body. You need to spin the cranks very fast. This asks for an incredible extent of coordination between your limbs and your brain. Once the two is in sync, the FTP increases all by itself.


#4 Single Speed Training

Single speed training is one of the most critical parts of time trial training. You need to start up in a gear that lets you pedal in a convincing and comfortable manner, thereby increasing the intensity of your FTP.


#5 Working on the other benchmarks

You need to work on other benchmarks, and the most important of them is the 10-mile test. This is a great way to determine your effective application of power. You need to conduct this test for 25 minutes.

Time trial training isn’t only limited to the above tips; it comprises of several other methods. Each of those processes is unique in their way and aimed at enhancing to cycling abilities.

If you have other time trial tips that would help fellow cyclists, share with us! It’s time to shape up in a better way and match up to the performance of other pro cyclists in Singapore.


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