Shimano RC & XC Range: Shoes That Say ‘Welcome To Cycling’

Shimano RC. Shimano Shoes

Dedicated race-cycling shoes are typically the first piece of equipment that identify a ‘cyclists’ from someone who rides a bike. Choosing a quality entry-level shoe is an essential step towards unlocking the performance potential of a rider. 

That’s why Shimano has updated its competitive entry-level road, and cross-country kicks with both features and technologies adapted from their elite-level professional shoe lines.

Road Competition shoes

The most prominent thing about the new RC3 (RC300) and RC1 (RC100) models is that they share similar features with the SHIMANO S-PHYRE shoes worn by many  Pro-Tour professionals.

Of course, emulating the look of a pro is one thing, but emulating the performance is something else altogether. 

To help with that, the RC3 comes with:

Shimano RC3, Shimano Shoes, Shimano RC

  • A micro-adjustable Boa L6 dial in the mid-outer section which enables riders to find the perfect fit even while riding
  • A surround wrapping upper, seamless midsole construction and glass fibre reinforced nylon sole for comfort.
  • A low-stack midsole providing extra stability and control when speeds increase

All these features take after Shimano’s premium models, meaning that with the RC3, you can expect only the best. 

RC3: Stiffness: 6/12, weight: 243g. Colours available: Black, White, Red

The RC1, on the other hand, caters more towards comfort with: 

Shimano RC3, Shimano RC, Shimano Shoes

  • Triple Velcro straps for an adjustable fit
  • A breathable mesh upper shell to keep your feet in place without too much pressure.
  • An outsole similar to the RC3 models, which brings power output and comfortable walkability with its 6/12 rated stiffness sole

Overall, the RC1 offers a balance between day-to-day use, comfort, and value for money.

RC1: weight: 238g. Colours available: Black, Yellow, Navy

For more details on Shimano’s Road shoes see bike.shimano.com

Off-road Competition shoes:

The XC models also share features of the premium S-PHYRE MTB range, with both high-end looks and the capability to deliver in performance.

What To Expect From The XC3?

Shimano XC3, Shimano XC, Shimano Shoes

  • A Boa L6 dial for micro-adjustability on the go
  • SHIMANO’s Dynalast fitting to reduce fatigue over longer distances
  • A low stack height, through the removal of the lasting board which stabilises the foot for better power transfer
  • Toe and heel protection and sturdy lugs so the XC3 can shrug off dirt and mud. 

The XC3 is available in Black and Navy colours. Stiffness: 5/12, weight: 332g. 

The XC1 also recognises comfort and ease of use as essential features of shoes – hitting the nail on the head with:

Shimano XC1, Shimano XC, Shimano Shoes

  • Three offset Velcro straps to reduce tension while spreading the tightening force across the upper foot
  • An upper fashioned from perforated synthetic leather for exceptional breathability and fit
  • Lightweight glass fibre reinforced, nylon sole with rubber XC outsole to promote a stable pedal engagement, secure walking grip and assured power transfer

The XC1 is available in Black and Red colours. RC1: Stiffness: 5/12, weight: 334g. 

For more details see mtb.shimano.com

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