Riding Cycle To Get Fit: How Often Should You Ride

Cycling to get fit is nothing new. Most people ride because they want to get healthy and fitter. Consistent training enables our bodies to adapt and get fitter.

We also need to increase the intensity and the difficulty of those challenges to keep progressing ahead and see improved results. This means that you need to ride harder and further. If you don’t stress your body with newer physical challenges, your fitness level will come to a halt and even progress backward.

Your fitness can be improved by the right amount of training. The stress levels should be adequate but frequent, balanced, and the recovery period should be enough. Brief, frequent training regimens are more productive than extended, strenuous sessions.


Enhanced performance can be achieved by steady, continuous efforts

Just doing a long ride once a week wouldn’t be sufficient to improve your fitness level and performance. The reason is after being inactive the whole week without cycling, your body will start to retreat and lose some of the fitness gains you have made.

In order to improve and promote your fitness, you should be cycling every 2-3 days per week. That’s the minimum amount of riding you need to do to see significant gains.


Essential To Cycle To Get Fit Training Sessions

Try at least one the below cycling training sessions per week for a quick route to fitness:

Long Rides (60 minutes +)

Conversational long rides are key when it comes to improving your endurance. At this training level, your breath stays deep, regular, and rhythmic. However, be sure it doesn’t make you feel worn-out or strained. 

Develop the habit of eating and drinking while riding. This type of rides trains your body to burn fat as fuel and helps your body to adapt being seated in the saddle for long periods of time.

Hilly Rides (30-60 minutes)

Extended, gradual climbs work great for this training session. If there aren’t any hills in your areas, you still can train by riding on flat roads in a big gear or riding with high resistance on a turbo trainer.

Warm-up for 10 minutes, starting with 5 minutes at a hard, but controllable pace. At this pace, your breathing should be deep enough to be able to utter one or two words at a time. Relax for one minute before repeating.

Train for at least 20 minutes at hard pace per session. If you can, aim for 10 more minutes, before taking a one-minute recovery break. Riding sessions like these promote muscular efficiency and make climbing hills and slopes easier.

Hard Ride (30-60 minutes)

This is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session that boosts stamina, endurance, enhances calorie burns, and promotes cardiovascular fitness. Intervals are short, but you’ve to slog very hard and you should you 100 percent.

Warm-up for 10 minutes, and take 5-minute intervals alternating between 30-seconds of full effort and 30-seconds of recovery. Pedal at a slow pace for 5 minutes and then repeat. Just three sessions of HIIT training per week is sufficient to improve your overall fitness.




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