Purpose Jerseys: A brand from Singapore (My First Impression)

Purpose’s tagline is to make the most comfortable jerseys to wear. That’s a strong statement to make and I think they are serious. Since 2016, prototypes were produced and tested thoroughly by the founder and athletes, to ensure the jersey performs at its best.

Having spent a lot of money on expensive brands out there, the founder felt that those kits still didn’t feel good. Even more so for the weather climate conditions in the South East Asia region.

This led to a burning desire to make better products. Every kit from Purpose is designed by the founder and only start production if they pass the test.


Purpose Jerseys

What you get from every purchase is a jersey, in the zip lock packaging. I like that they made some effort on this part because the packaging can be re-used for travelling.


The packaging


Points for presentation too! I was given 3 different collections, Team, Victory, and Flow, to try.

They might be different but they do share some similar features. Firstly, all their jerseys are fitted with YKK zippers.

They are renowned for being the best quality zippers you can get; reliable and durable. Rubber-like material is used to cover the zip’s handle tip.


Zip Handle


This actually makes it easier to grip when you need to zip up or down. However, I do find it to be smaller than usual for practical use.

Next, they have 3 reflective Purpose logos at the front, and 2 at the back. During your night rides, this makes the jersey stand out, which can add to visibility.

Purpose logos

They really light up, like how I light up when a yoga chick walks past.

Utter darkness test


However, I am concerned if these logos can still stick to the fabric in a long run. This sort of logos seen on other jersey brands tends to peel off through constant use.

Last but not least, all of them have the same mesh fabric for the underarm panels.

Larger mesh

Just by looking at the size of the mesh netting, I am convinced that this provides the best ventilation and breathability; in an area where it needs to be.

Okay. Now let’s move on to look at each model individually.


#1 Purpose Team Jersey

How it looks like when you’re cycling


This jersey is made for a loose fit. This means, anyone, from the sexy dad bod, asset yielding man boobs bod to the adorable beer belly bod, can wear the jersey.

So much so, I can fit in size S. According to the size chart though, I’m an M and that holds true because I fit on an M for the other two models.


How it looks like if you’re a MAMIL or if you got beer belly. Still looks good though!
Those with man boobs I got you fam, here’s how I think it will look like.
The different fabrics


This jersey has 4 different material for various panels. The sides and sleeves panel have a similar mesh fabric but with a smaller netting pattern. This is still breathable though. The front panel is again similar but it is visibly thicker.




What I like here is that some thought was given to the pocket. This unique way of sewing allows for the pocket to hold thicker items, but still look sleek when its empty.


The rear pocket
Pocket design


This would also prevent the fabric from getting stretched constantly, causing it to go out of shape after months of usage. This is their cheapest model at $109.

This was the only model that I had the opportunity to wear out for rides. I like the choice of colour because it stands out. To me, it’s sort of a men’s pink. Bright but still manly and doesn’t make you look like a pussycat.



There are no issues also with any seams or knitting rubbing on my skin, so it also scores on the comfort Overall, it does what it is supposed to.

So, if you are just starting out, you could shortlist this as one of your top choices. But if you really skinny and lean, I suggest looking at the next two collections.


#2 Purpose Victory Jersey


Priced at $149, the purpose victory jersey is their middle tier. They do have similar race-fit as the highest end, Flow, which I will take about later. The shoulder, sleeves, and top chest are the same panel using a mesh fabric.


Victory fabric, panels


The same material is used at the bottom side panel. The rest of the jersey panels use a thinner material which can stretch well to give you a tight fit.

For this jersey though, there waist gripper material is only at the back. Quite practical if you think about it. My sample size S weights about 103g.


Back waist gripper


#3 Purpose Flow Jersey


If I were to buy a Purpose jersey, my money would go to the flow jersey. For the fabric and material used, the price point is a steal at $169.

The fabric used for this model is the thinnest among the other models. Weighing about the same as the victory jersey, this fabric not only light but feels like wearing next to nothing.



The back pockets have the same design feature as the Team jersey, which I found it surprising to be missing in the Victory model. An ergonomic design was also added to the back, side pockets.


Side Pocket (notice the gradient)


The pockets at the sides have a lower cutout at the edge It might be a visual difference to some, but with this feature, it’s actually easier to reach for your pockets as you won’t need to bend your arms more.

Not limiting to just jerseys, Purpose also produces bibs and even kits for triathletes. They also have female-specific kits. So, do check out more on them at this link.


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