Mark your calendars! OUE Downtown Carpark Race on 19th August 2018

Sunday 19 August will feature Singapore’s top cyclists from road, mountain and fixed gear competing in an exciting morning of qualifiers followed by finals for the women’s and men’s open category where the top 10 battle it out.

The winners will be crowned King or Queen of the Downtown Race and receive medals and a special winner’s jersey designed specifically for the event.


An event for everyone 

The morning will also feature fun activities for the whole family including kid’s races and watt bike races. There will be talks on how to improve your cycling performance as well as time to chill and enjoy a coffee or lunch.


Event details 

Time: 8:30am to 12:30pm

Location: OUE Downtown 


The Route

Riders will set off (in opposite directions) racing up the levels, then emerging to the lane where they will sprint some 80m entering the next car park and climb 6 floors (both in the same direction) until they hit the top level whether the finish gate will be.

The finish line is located at the top level of the carpark. 



Race Format

The Downtown Race, is essentially a two-up time trial. You’ll be racing against the clock, but have a fellow cyclists to also spur you on to a better time. Two up racing gives the spectators at the start and finish something additional to cheer for.

Once “launched” riders will race as hard as they can to the top of the car park, cheered on by spectators at each level. At the top of the carpark the finish gate will record their time and placing in real time.


“Race a Mate” Qualifier

During the qualifying round you can challenge a mate and you can really see who is the best hill climber. We can match you up even if you are in different categories.


Open Finals – Top 10

For those who entered the open category and come in the top 10 positions, we have a final round. Each finalist will be pitted against their next rival in a two up contest that promises to be fast and furious. The placings of the open category are based on the times of the final round only.


Schedule for the day: 

Time Category Max Entries
7:15 Sign-In Opens (Collection of Numbers & Chips)  
7:45 Course Safety Check  
  Men’s Juniors – Age 17-18*  
  Men’s Sport – Age 19+


  Men’s Supermasters – Age 45+


  Men’s Masters – Age 35 – 45


  Men’s Open – Age 19+  (Round 1)


  Women’s Sport – Age 16+


  Women’s Open – Age 19+


  Fixed Gear Open – Age 15+


  MTB Open – Age 15+


  Men’s Open – Top 10 Finals  
11:30 Course Closed To Racing  
12:00 Prize Giving (The Autobus)  



Entry for the Downtown Race event is $50 which includes $50 (5x $10) Downtown Gallery vouchers* that can be used in any of the many retail and F&B outlets in Downtown Gallery.



Click here for more details about the race and how you can register. Limited slots are available so hurry! 

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