OCBC Cycle 2020 Cancelled Due To Covid-19, Replaced By Virtual Ride In November 

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Living in the times of a pandemic means that many of us have to make adjustments. Plans might have to be postponed and many large-scale events have gone virtual. The OCBC Cycle 2020 is one such event. 

It was initially postponed from 9th and 10th May to later this year. However, it has now been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the nation’s efforts to curb infections. Participants who have signed up can expect full refunds to be made by 14th September 2020. 

The 13th edition of the region’s premier cycling event will instead be a free virtual event. Named the OCBC Cycle 2020 Virtual Ride, it consists of three virtual ride categories. They are: The Sportive VR (42km), The Straits Times VR (23km), and Mighty Savers Kids VR (5km or 800m). 

How Do I Participate In The OCBC Cycle 2020 Virtual Ride?

Over two weeks in November 2020, from 1st to 15th November, participants who cycle the full distance of any of the OCBC Cycle 2020 Virtual Ride categories anywhere safe, whether indoors or outdoors, in Singapore will be considered to have completed the event. They will each receive the OCBC Cycle 2020 medal and the event tote bag via mail by 7th December. 

Use a fitness tracker or workout app on a smartphone that can record the ride details to show proof of rides. Ride details must be submitted to the organiser by 15th November. 

You do not need to complete the full distance within one ride. You can choose to do so over a maximum of four separate rides during the stipulated period of 1st to 15th November. 

There will be limited slots for participants. So, cyclists who previously registered for the physical OCBC Cycle 2020 event will have the chance to sign up first – between 21st July and 14th August 2020 – for the virtual ride. 

Members of the public who did not register for the physical event can sign up between 15th August and 18th September 2020. 

How Do I Submit The OCBC Cycle 2020 Virtual Ride Details?

After completing the virtual ride during the stipulated time frame from 1st to 15th November 2020. You can take these two steps to receive the event medal and event tote bag: 

Step 1: Submit two photos clearly showing your face and bicycle. One photo should be taken before your ride and the other after it. 

Note: Parents are encouraged to join in the pictures with their children for the Mighty Savers® Kids VR. 

Step 2: Submit a screenshot with the following details, as captured by any fitness or distance tracking application: 

  • Date of your virtual ride 
  • Distance covered during your virtual ride 
  • Duration of your virtual ride 

Note: Participants who accumulate the distance over two, three or (at most) four rides must submit the full records of each ride. 

Home-Based Training With 100PLUS & Garmin Training Programmes 

Partnering 100PLUS & Garmin, OCBC Cycle 2020 Virtual Ride will be organising a series of home-based training programmes in August, September and October 2020. You can safely join these events without leaving your home to build up fitness levels and stay healthy. 

It will be free for all participants of the virtual ride and anyone else who is keen to participate. Meaning you don’t have to worry about spending more to keep healthy during these trying times. 

For more details of these home-based workouts and online rides, check out ocbccycle.com and the event’s Facebook page. 

Ms Koh Ching Ching, Head of Group Brand and Communications at OCBC Bank, the title sponsor of the OCBC Cycle, said, “With the Covid-19 outbreak, it is only right not to hold this annual mass cycling event this year. Instead, without sacrificing the safety of participants, we still hope to bring the joy of cycling to the community via the virtual ride format. People deserve to have something they can get excited about during this challenging time. We also hope that those who signed up for the physical OCBC Cycle 2020 event will appreciate the option of donating their fees to support members in the community in need.” 

How Can I Get A Refund Or Donate To Care Corner Singapore? 

All those who registered for the event on 9th and 10th May 2020 will be refunded in full. Alternatively, you can choose to donate the registration fee to OCBC Cycle’s chosen charity, Care Corner Singapore. This can be done via the event website, ocbccycle.com. 

If participants do not make a selection to donate by 14th August, they will be issued a full refund by 14th September 2020. 

Founded in 1981 to help marginalised individuals with lower incomes and few opportunities to gain a formal education. OCBC Cycle event registration fees donated to the organisation will help support current efforts to help vulnerable seniors acquire digital skills to ‘stay connected’. 

Join The Online Community

Stay connected with family and friends online by using these hashtags. This way you can see who else participated in the OCBC Cycle 2020 Virtual ride! 

Official hashtags: #ocbc bank #ocbc cycle 

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