Coming soon: Shimano Ultegra RX, chain stabilising rear derailleur for road bikes

More road bikers are increasingly turning to riding off-road, adventure and other road surfaces, which has compelled Shimano to launch the new Ultegra RX. This new addition to the Ultegra lineup includes a chain stabilizing rear derailleur (RD-RX800/RX805) for its electronic and mechanical drivetrains.



As a matter of fact, for many years pro riders have been pushing the limits of their road bikes riding capabilities. Cycling as a sport has evolved from racing to off-road biking.

As a result, cycling components manufacturers have been implementing modifications in their handlebars designs, frames, wheels, and tires. Now, it is the drivetrains turn to evolve. The Ultegra RX is the continuation of this natural evolutionary trend.


Key features of the new ultegra RX rear derailleurs (RX800/805)


Interestingly, the new Ultegra RX rear derailleurs (RX800/805) shares many attributes of its predecessor, the Ultegra R8000/R8050 derailleur.

This includes the Shimano SHADOW RD derailleur positioning and precise accurate shifting. In addition, the added chain stabilizing switch (Shimano SHADOW RD+ technology) controls the drivetrain through uneven and off-road surfaces. 



The On/Off switch is adjacent to the upper pulley. When activated, the rear derailleur’s pivot reduces excessive movement and noise when activated.

Additionally, the RX800/805 rear derailleurs are compatible with Shimano’s road dual control levers and low gear cassettes (28T – 34T). This makes the Ultegra RX a must-have-bike mod for adventure, off-road riding, and even cyclocross.

Finally, alongside the Ultegra RX, Shimano has also introduced many additional components. These include wider rim 700c, E-Thru axle, and the WH-RS370-TL aluminium wheelset for 28-38c tires.

The new components will go on sale from mid-June 2018 onwards.

Photo credit: Shimano

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