Lorry-Cyclist Incident #2: Driver Punched After Charging At Cyclist In Threatening Manner

On 25th Feb, a video was uploaded to Facebook group SG Road Vigilante which showed yet another confrontation between a lorry driver and a cyclist. 

The incident was thought to have occurred along Jalan Eunos, and there was heavy traffic at that time.



What happened: 

  • The cyclist was seen knocking on the lorry while pushing his bike, trying to say something to the driver. 
  • The lorry then made a sharp left turn towards the direction of the cyclist, forcing the cyclist to move away from the lorry’s path.
  • The cyclist carried his bike and walked away from the scene.
  • The driver was seen dashing out of the lorry, holding an object in his right hand, towards the cyclist.
  • Seeing the driver charging towards him, which appeared to be aggressive, the cyclist placed his bike down and turned to face the driver.
  • The cyclist threw a punch to the driver’s face which sent him to the ground. 
  • The cyclist picked up his bicycle and walked away from the scene to avoid further confrontation. 


However, the video did not show what had happened from the beginning that led to the heated exchange between the lorry driver and the cyclist.


As a cyclist, what should you do if you are caught in a similar situation?

  • When a cyclist is alone on a busy street, and if confronted by an aggressive motorist, it is wiser to pull to the side and let the motorist move on. It is better to back off, let the matter go, and be safe. 


  • If an argument ensued, stay clear of the road and settle the dispute by the roadside instead of on the road. Try to be calm and speak rationally instead of being confrontational. If the non-aggressor doesn’t appear confrontational, in most cases, the aggressor will calm down as well.


  • If the aggressor does not calm down even if the other party does, be prepared to be on the defensive side. Do not be the first to strike. If necessary, call the police. 



Case update:

According to Straits Times, the lorry driver, 32, involved has been arrested on Tuesday, 26 February, for a rash act which endangered the personal safety of others and the cyclist, 55, is assisting with investigations. 

If convicted, the lorry driver can be jailed up to six months, fined up to $2,500, or both. The cyclist may be jailed up to two years, fined up to $5,000, or both, if found guilty of voluntarily causing hurt.

The police said in their statement that they will not hesitate to take firm action against motorists who endanger other road users.



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