“LOOK OUT” and “LOOK UP”: Building Safety Awareness Amongst Cyclists & Motorists

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Image Credit: Singapore Cycling Federation (SFC)

With increased numbers of cyclists on the roads in recent times, motorists and other road users have to pay closer attention and check their blind spots more carefully. However, cyclists themselves also need to play their part and pay attention to their surroundings while riding on the roads. For instance, vehicles may suddenly stop or reduce speed, and accidents may occur if cyclists do not pay enough attention to the road ahead of them.

To foster great awareness and promote mutual understanding between cyclists and motorists as shared users of the road, the Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF), together with the Safe Cycling Task Force (SCTF) and the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA), and with the support of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore Police Force (SPF), Traffic Police (TP), Sport Singapore and Singapore Road Safety Council have launched the “LOOK OUT” and “LOOK UP” campaigns on 5 and 7 Nov 2021 respectively.

On 5 November 2021, representatives from partner organisations joined Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State at the Ministries of Home Affairs and National Development, to spread the message for truck drivers to keep a lookout for cyclists. This event took place at Bok Seng Logistics Hub located at 5 Tuas Avenue 4. Two days later, on 7 November 2021, the same representatives with Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim were along Nicoll Drive, this time to bring awareness to cyclists to Look Up while cycling.

Photo Caption: Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State at the Ministries of Home Affairs and National Development

“The general well-being and safety of cyclists on Singapore roads is important to the SCF. Specifically, on this, we are happy to roll out a “LOOK OUT” campaign (i.e. Look Out for Cyclists) targeted at motorists. At the same time, we would also want cyclists to remember to “LOOK UP” while cycling. This is just the beginning and, we intend to pro-actively initiate more of such campaigns, said Dr Hing Siong Chen, President, SCF.

Heavy vehicles used in logistics operations tend to be higher and longer, and drivers would have more blind spots when driving. It is a safe practice for cyclists to Look-Up and observe a safe distance when cycling alongside these heavy vehicles. Likewise, heavy vehicle drivers should also pay more attention and Lookout for cyclists on the road. We are pleased to work with the cyclist community to launch the ‘Look Out, Look Up’ campaign. Together, we will do our part to promote safe habits and gracious behaviours, and make our roads safe for all.”

Part of the initiative involved handing out decals to truck drivers and flyers to cyclists. The Look Up, Look Out Decals will be available to the public, stay tuned for more information as to how you can get your hands on a set.

During the event, cyclists were invited to sit in the driver’s seat of trucks to experience first-hand the blindspots faced by truck drivers. This gave them insight on some of the challenges faced by truck drivers when on the roads.

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