Top 3 Lepak Places To Go To After A Ride

One of the few first things cyclists look forward to after a ride is the food and drinks. The food + where you’re going to lepak after cycling together is inseparable. I’m pretty sure most of you agree that these two aspects come together – it’s what makes our ride more fulfilling!  Here are my favourite post ride lepak places to visit with the cycling kakis!


#1 Teh Sarbat @ Arab Street

The no. 1 teh tarik spot in SG – I kid you not!


Some of you might not know this, but not every teh or teh tarik in the coffee shop is the same. For some outlets, powder form is the easiest to serve and prepare. Some outlets just add more milk and the blend is average. That doesn’t really give you the best the Tarik taste.



Honestly, one of the best teh you can get is here. Located in the heart of Arab St, you can easily be fooled by the laid back presentation of the shop but the teh will make up for everything.

Sitting here for a drink after a hard ride is like getting a good massage, but for your throat. It’s like when, your bro was supposed to meet you, but he pai tao cause he meeting a chick from Tinder. Nevermind cos this teh can be your bro.


#2 Chendol @ Changi Village

Traditional Chendol at Changi Village


People. When you’re doing a ride in the morning with the heat searing up, your body is like an oven, keeping all the heat in!

With sweat dripping from your face and even your bibs soaked in sweat, only this chendol can save you from this misery!



Located at just opposite the market, and along the row of fishing shops, you cannot miss this stall! But, you don’t go there just for cendol.


There are other variations too. There are corn, red beans, and even durian toppings! They are fresh so don’t forget to drop by Changi Village for your breaks! Don’t forget to say hi to the cute nenek over there!


#3 Naan & Butter Chicken @ Al Azhar


This is my go-to meal to solve many things. Having this meal is like having a girlfriend who will be cuddling you the whole night. For me, it’s like true love when I have this. Chicken is true love.

I get excited every time I dip the naan into the gravy. You taste the sweetness and the gravy straight into your tongue. It’s like someone is giving you kisses.

So listen to me when I say this, it’s true love. My favourite has always been butter naan, to go with the chicken. You can get plain, garlic or even cheese for the naan.


Al-Azhar at Bukit Timah

Take your pick! The 2 outlets that I always drop by are the Bukit Timah Outlet and the Tampines outlet so, wherever you are, there is no excuse not to go!


Are these your top go-to lepak places after a ride? If you love it then share this article with your kakis – it’s best to try it together as a group! 


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