#Hackoftheweek: Carry A Mini Lock To Deter Bike Thieves

We all know that D-locks are too heavy and bulky to carry around. Besides, they can be as costly as S$40. 

Do not underestimate the power of this mini lock. With a price of a mere S$1.50, this is easily available at many hardware store and it fits nicely into the back of your cycling jersey. 



If he or she starts pedalling away with your bike, the lock gets stuck in the drivetrain and the thief will fall over the handlebars. Sip your cup of coffee with a peace of mind without having to look at your bike 24/7.

The only way where your bike can get stolen is when someone carries your bike up a car or runs with it. 

Deter the thieves, get a mini lock now! 


When the thief starts pedalling



Jamie Chong

Jamie Chong

Jamie is a young inspiring Triathlete, and always ready for a challenge. She got her first podium win at the age of 10. She is training hard andaims to get international medals under her belt. Loves riding her Giant Liv Langma called Grover.
Jamie Chong


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