How to fix puncture and mend inner tube

Here’s our handy step by step guide to fixing a puncture and mending inner tube…

#1 Remove wheel from frame

To remove the front wheel, follow these steps. If the problem lies with the rear wheels, here’s how to remove them!

Do find a place to rest the bike frame once you have removed the wheel.


#2 Remove valve cap and retaining nut

If there is a valve retaining nut, unscrew it after taking off the valve cap. Deflate the tube completely.


#3 Loosen the tyre


Before loosening the tyre, look for any signs of puncture.

Insert two tyre levers between the tyre and wheel rim and pull away gently.


#4 Remove tyre

Take the wheel away completely and pull out the inner tube. If the tube cannot be mended, it is best to replace it.


#5 Mend the inner tube

Once you have found the punctured area, use sandpaper to roughen the hole so the surface is smooth enough for the repair patch to grip.

Apply enough superglue to cover an area bigger than the size of the repair patch. Wait for the glue to dry and reapply a few more times. After the last application of glue is dried, stick the repair patch on the inner tube.


#6 Put a little air in the tube

Now that the inner tube is fixed, inflate the inner tube slightly so it becomes round in shape.


#7 Refit the tyre on one side and insert the tube

When refitting the tyre, ensure that the thread is pointing the right way. Put the valve in the valve hole, and feed the inner tube into the space between the tyre and the wheel rim.


#8 Refit the tyre completely

Once the inner tube is fitted, put the tyre back into place. Check that there are no bulges and that the tube isn’t pinching under the tyre bead.


#9 Fully re-inflate the tube


Pump up the tyre to the correct pressure and refit the wheel into the bike securely. Close the brake quick release lever or reattach the brake cable.


#10 Double check

If you have mended a rear wheel puncture, get someone to hold the bike up, and go through the gears. Check that the wheel spins freely and the brakes work correctly.

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