Top 5 beginner routes to try out

Singapore may seem too small to have a variety of cycling routes, but surprisingly, we have lots of routes that beginner cyclists can check out.

Here are 5 beginner routes for you to try out.


For mountain bikers: Bukit Timah MTB Trail

Photo Credit: Dirtraction.com

Little to no crowds and adventurous terrains – perfect for any avid mountain bikers in Singapore.

The route may seem short at 6.5km, but don’t underestimate the gravels and rocks along the way.

If you’re up for more, check out these other MTB routes!

Recommended route: The entire trail through Bukit Timah Nature Reserve


For foodies: East Coast Park

From fries from Mcdonald’s to mouthwatering satay and chicken wings at East Coast Lagoon Food Village, East Coast Park (ECP) is a treasure trove full of great local delicacies.

You don’t have to worry about putting on extra weight because you can cycle to and from Pasir Ris Park via the park connectors.

Isn’t this a win-win situation?

Recommended route: From Pasir Ris Park to Parkland Green


For the night owls: Woodlands Waterfront

Night cycling is enjoyable because you get to avoid the day crowd and you won’t feel blistering hot.

You can start your journey from Lower Seletar where you can occasionally witness planes fly off. Then, take a breather at Woodland Waterfront which oversees the landscape of Johor Bahru at night.

Recommended route: From Lower Seletar Reservoir Park to Woodlands Waterfront


For the city rats: Marina Bay

Manmade structures like the Supertrees in Gardens By The Bay and the Helix Bridge are arguably breathtaking, especially close to sunset.

And sunset is a good time for you to breeze through the city on two wheels to be in awe of the city we live in today.

Recommended Route: From Marina Bay Sands to Merlion Park


For families: Bedok Reservoir Park


Photo Credit: StreetDirectory.com

Finding a route that is manageable for all ages can prove to be quite the challenge.

Thankfully for you, we have a solution – Bedok Reservoir Park!

The neighbourhood park is suitable for children who get bored easily because the route is only 4.3km.

While it may not be the most daring routes, there are a few pebbly paths here and there – good enough for thrill-seeking beginner cyclists.

In between the ride, the whole family can enjoy the beautiful view of the reservoir.

Recommended route: The whole of Bedok Reservoir Park


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