5 inexpensive ways to shed bike weight: Part 2

Shedding weight of a bike does make it a more comfortable ride, especially when you face the misfortune of having to carry them at times.

However, buying or even making your current bicycle lightweight can cost a bomb. Here are 5 ways to shed some weight off your ride for cheap.


1. Tyre/ Inner tube


While the wheel set itself makes the bulk of the weight, it is expensive to replace it. Changing the inner tube and/or tyre is more cost effective! Go for this lightweight inner tube for a cheaper alternative.


2. Handlebar

If you don’t know yet, carbon fibre is lighter, more durable and more costly than aluminium. 

Tip: What you put on your handlebar plays a part too. For instance, some handlebar tapes can be more pillowy than others, adding more weight to your ride. Or even your lights. Are they heavy and bulky? You might want to take these into consideration as well. 


4. Bidon / Water bottle

Essentially, a bidon may seem harmless, but it adds quite a bit of weight to the bicycle, depending on its capacity. Getting a smaller one around 500ml goes a long way and can be cheaper too!

If you feel thirsty and run out, you can always refill it at the nearest water cooler.


4. Seatpost


When downsizing the seat post, do make sure that it is able to withstand your weight and the saddle! An aluminium alloy seat post is lightweight and affordable.


5. Diet


Finally, we cannot emphasise this point enough. The cheapest but probably the most difficult way to lose bike weight is to shed the weight off yourself. Get to know what is a good diet for cyclists, no pain, no gain am I right?!

On the bright side, your journey to losing weight gives you an excuse to ride more.


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