This Exercise Move Will Give You Explosive Cycling Power

Let’s face it — you’ll need to have powerful cycling muscles for greater cycling power and enhance your performance. In case you’re wondering what kinds of workout you need to perform to achieve your target – well, we will tell you about one simple move that you can do anywhere.

This move is a simple single-leg crossover bench jump popularised by Maximum Overload. This workout strengthens your quads, glutes, and core as well as improves your overall coordination and power.

The exercise also helps you to develop maximum sustainable power, enables you to sustain your speed for longer periods, and fends off fatigue.


The move that boosts your cycling power


Place a strong box or bench around 12 inches in height to your right side. Stand with your right foot on the box or bench and your left foot on the floor. Channel your energy to your left leg and jump over the box, and place your left foot on the box, while placing your right foot on the floor.

Repeat; keep pushing through your left foot.


The box jump workout to improve cycling power

Do 10 jumps with 5 jumps for each leg. Take rest for 10 – 15 seconds. Repeat for one minute. You can do 4 sets of 10 jumps within one minute. Rest for around 3 – 6 minutes for a full recovery. You can perform an upper-body workout in between this exercise if you want. Repeat the workout two times.


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Bonus box jump tips to improve cycling power

While performing this workout, consistently maintain your pace and height. If you think you’re slowing down after each set, begin with 8 jumps. Over time, go for 90-second or 2-minute sets.

This workout is highly effective if it is made a part of strength training program as this workout is performed after a dynamic warm-up session. Do this move for 2 -3 times a week during the off-season and watch for yourself how your power count rise.


Boorhan Uddin

Author: Boorhan Uddin

Boorhan lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His true passions are blogging and cycling. Boorhan has been cycling from the age of 8 and enjoys his time while cycling. He is also an active member of BDCyclists, a group of enthusiastic cyclists to make the cycling popular and they’ve taken the cycling to a new level in the country. They regularly organize different cycling events and train interested individuals to ride a cycle. When not writing and cycling, Boorhan loves to read books, watch movies and playing with his lovely son.

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