How not to die when cycling on SG road

Cycling on SG road is not exactly an easy feat. With about a million vehicle “co-existing” in this small little red dot (of which 1% of that is still equivalent to about 10,000 vehicles) – Singaporeans need to learn to share the road respectfully.

On the cyclists part, learning some of these smart riding techniques would go a long way in avoiding a mishap.


#1 Die die ride on the left side of the lane, but not double yellow line 

Lefty lefty lefty!

According to the Road safety act, bicycles you are to ride your bike close to the left hand edge of the roadway.

Nothing there tells you to ride at the double yellow line. That line is to indicate no parking. If you ride at the double yellow line, you are giving vehicles opportunity to squeeze you in that same lane.

Secondly, if you have to go through an unsuspecting hazard, such as a pothole, there will be no space for you regain control of your front wheel if you lose traction.

And lastly, it can be slippery! A smarter way to ride on the left side of the lane is, to align your left shifter just outside the double yellow line.

This would encourage drivers to overtake you using the other section of the lane properly, and not try the overtaking manoeuvre in one lane.

Also, it encourages drivers not to cut you (based on his “I pay road tax” mentality) when he is trying to turn left into a road.

Essentially, this practice stands in the middle ground where our safety, and being a polite, considerate road user, meet.


#2 Riding through junctions, filter lanes, and slip roads

More often than not, a car would get closest to touching us at these places. Although we have the right of way when moving straight on the main road, vehicles often misjudge our speed, or probably just don’t care. We cannot afford to be complacent.

A smarter way is to have direct eye contact with the driver. You need to make sure he sees you and you moving through first. What’s more important here is, you can get ready to make manoeuvres if he does not see you.

EXTRA TIP *wink wink*: If the person on the wheel is a hot chick, I would personally suggest an exaggerated wink, coupled with some kisses; if you have time to deliver. Oh. But first, make sure the husband not sitting on the passenger’s seat ahhh!


#3 The 2000 rule

Image credit: Alan Tan

Your eyes must always be looking straight ahead of where you are heading. However, there’ll be instances where you have to look away. For example checking out if your shoes are clipped in or checking for blind spots.

It is the same with looking at your bike computer. You must have that situational awareness to know what’s coming at you. You don’t want to be caught off-guard looking elsewhere for too long.

Always count “one thousand, two thousand” in your head; whenever your eyes are not looking straight. You must look back straight ahead after ‘two thousand.’

Make this a habit, so you don’t miss anything miss anything in front of you.

Most important take from this, remember the first line: your eyes must always be looking straight ahead of where you are heading.

Also, you must always be seen and heard.  Get LIGHTS. And a HORN (just to be extra safe).


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