How to save your ass: 5 best anti-abrasion creams

Adieu, abrasions. Hello, anti-abrasion creams.

Cycling is all fun and games until your chamois pad decides to bite you in the back – literally. No matter the distance, abrasion, blisters and saddle sores can occur due to the friction between your skin and your pad.

We’ve asked cyclists about anti-abrasion creams, and 80% swear upon these 5 anti-abrasion remedies. They are said to minimise friction and prevent bacterial build-up, getting rid of the nasty saddle sores altogether.

Here are some remedies you can try!


#1 Assos Chamois Cream



This can easily be the holy grail of all anti-abrasion creams; applying a layer of Assos Chamois cream provides you with an instant relieve from irritation and discomfort.. Chamois pads can get hard after every wash, but with Assos’ cleansing and softening properties, it is recommended to apply the cream on a freshly washed pad to slow down the hardening process.

Given our hot climate, it is the perfect option as it has a cooling effect and endures heavy sweating too. However, it comes with a heavy price tag.

Recommended for: Long distance riders.

Price: S$20 from chainreactioncycles. There is one specifically for women too! 



#2 Nappy Rash Creams

Yes, you’re a full-grown adult and capable of cleaning your nether regions, but hear me out: anti-bacterial properties!

Nappy rash creams contain active ingredients that are known to be antibacterial, like Zinc Oxide and Benzalkonium Chloride. While it may keep infections at bay, it isn’t the best way to lessen the friction and can leave stains on your pads too.

Recommended for: After rides when you get sores.

Price: $7.90 for 55ml at leading drugstores



#3 Chamois Butt’r Original


If the Assos Chamois Cream is too pricey for you, this is a cheaper alternative. the Chamois Butt’r Original is easier and more hygienic to apply due to its tube packaging.

Unlike Assos, Chamois Butt’r Original doesn’t have the cooling sensation – great for those with sensitive skin. But if you prefer to have it, they have the Eurostyle.

Recommended for: Riders looking for quality anti-abrasion cream at an affordable price.

Price: $35 for 235ml at eBay


#4 Vaseline

Cash-strapped? No problem! Vaseline is the most frills-free option. Not only is it affordable, but it is non-allergenic too.

You do get what you pay for, though.

Due to its greasy texture, Vaseline is tough to wash off and can be an uncomfortable combination along with the Singapore heat.

Recommended for: Riders who are looking for a cheap solution and don’t mind a little sticky situation

Price: $4.20 for 140ml at leading drugstores


#5 Sportsbalm Anti-Friction Balm



It either pours or shines in Singapore. Either way, perspiration and rain will make you wet. Lasting up to four to five hours, Sportsbalm’s Anti-Friction Balm is long-lasting and waterproof.

It is also suitable for those with dry and sensitive skin. The only downside is the mint extract may cause a warm sensation which can be uncomfortable to some.

Recommended for: “Suey” (term for unlucky) riders who always get caught in the rain

Price: S$14.25 from Chain Reaction Cycles


How do you battle your abrasions? Share your tips in the comment box below!


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