Cycling tan lines in women: How you can avoid them

Cycling in the sun may sound fun, but one thing about cycling in the sun is the evident cycling tan lines across the upper arms and the mid thighs. We won’t argue over the fact that professional cyclists have always been admired and recognized about how deep their tan lines are.

For some cyclists, tan lines are a rite of passage. Other say, their tan lines describe their dedications to riding, which often amounts to hundreds of hours, marks their exhilaration, and reminisces them of the suffering they endured.  

It’s pretty simple. The deeper or more noticeable your cycling tan lines are, the more miles you’ve ridden. Show your tan lines to a cyclist or a cycling group —don’t be surprised if they gaze at you in awe when they see your deeply tanned muscles.

But, let’s be honest— this look doesn’t bode well for the rest of the body for the ladies in their summer dresses and bikinis.


The trouble associated with cycling tan lines

Unfortunately, as with most things in life, there are health risks associated with tan lines. Anytime we’re getting tan; it’s a sign of skin damage.

You probably know when our skin is exposed to UV radiation; it produces melanin, a chemical which darkens the skin. If the skin is exposed to these UV rays for an extended period, it can cause permanent skin damage.

Wrinkles and skin spots are signs of skin damage. And let’s not forget about skin cancer, which is the most common of all cancers.

Below are some preventive measures to protect yourself from cycling tan lines—if you aren’t a big fan of it.


UV Arm Coolers

UV arm coolers are similar to arm warmers. Just like arm warmers, you can roll the UV arm coolers up your arms. These UV arm coolers are breathable, lightweight, protect you from harmful UV rays, and the good things is that they rest underneath your jersey sleeves. They are highly effective is prevent tans lines from developing.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get a tan at all, but if your skin is sensitive and prone to burning, the tan won’t be that bad.


Strappy Jerseys


Strappy Jerseys are also a good solution to avoid cycling tan lines. Besides, the traditional patterns, cycling jerseys come in different designs. 


Short Shorts


Most cyclists don’t know that cycling shorts differ in length. Plus, there are a plethora of designs to choose from.

If you like wearing summer skirts and don’t want to have tan lines on your thighs, consider shorts that are shorter in the leg. 


All Day Sun Creams

Sun creams aren’t only for beach bums. These products should be a must-have item for every amateur and professional cyclist. These creams don’t only shield your skin from burning, it also prevents a tan.

Sure, you don’t want to carry you sun cream while riding, so we suggest you opt for an all-day sun lotion. Just make sure, the sun lotion you get is sweatproof, waterproof, and has an SPF factor up to 50.


Tanning Moisturizers

This may seem crazy. If you’re covering yourself with arm coolers and frothing your body with sun cream and lotion, you might feel a little disappointed that you don’t have any visible tan lines. In other words, you may miss your natural looking tan.

But don’t frown. There’s a solution. Use a tanning moisturizer helps to bring up your natural looking tan.


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