6 Christmas Gifts To Get For Yourself This Holiday Season

It’s Christmas time. You have worked hard all year, so why not treat yourself to a nice cycling gift? Here are 6 gifts which you can buy for yourself this holiday season. 


1. S-Works Power Saddle 

The extremely lightweight S-Works Power saddle has a stiff, FACT carbon shell and rails, and is a high-performance saddle that’s designed to help you perform at your best. Its Body Geometry design, with the lightest level of padding, caters to both men and women, and helps deliver superior performance in all seating positions.

Proven through blood flow testing and pressure mapping, the extra wide and elongated Body Geometry channel and proper sit bone support provides all day comfort. You can get this for S$450.


2. Nuke Optics


If you are like most Singaporeans who suffer from myopia, you will know the struggle of finding a pair of cycling sunglasses which you can attach your prescription lenses to.

This is where Nukeoptics comes to the rescue. Nukeoptics is a kickstarter project by a team of Singapore cycling enthusiasts. These Carbon Fibre composite cycling glasses come with an adjustable wire core rubber nose pack, and a detachable Rx clip where you can fit in your prescription lenses. 

They are still in production and yet to be released. Click on this link for their kickstarter campaign and pre-order yourself a pair. Support local! 


3. S-Works Recon Shoes

Finding the perfect high-performance pair of off-road shoes can be tough going, but with the S-Works Recon shoes, Specialized has made the choice simple. Exceptional power transfer? Check. Gram-counter approved? Check. Undeniable style? You got it.

With the S-Works Recon shoes, you get off-road shoes that ready for any kind of adventure, whether it’s gravel, cyclocross, or XC racing. Get these at S$550.


4. Athlete Lab Membership

Looking for a great place to ride during your lunch break or just fancy a spin at Athlete Lab’s awesome indoor cycling facility? 

They pride themselves in using REAL bikes instead of the conventional spinning bikes. Not only will you get feedback about your ride performance (in the form of wattage training data), you will have a great place to get those lungs burning and hearts pumping! 



For this Christmas season, Athlete lab is offering a 10 ride pack Christmas voucher, and a 20 Ride Pack Voucher for S$800 instead of S$1000. This is exclusive only to new members. 


Do check out Athlete lab and contact them for more information about their ride packages. 


5. Bauerfeind Compression socks

Your cycling dad just finished a 4 hours ride earlier with his mates on a Sunday morning. After resting for awhile, he is up and out with the family on the weekends.

You know he is feeling sore but he is still out with you. Reward him with this recovery socks! The Bauerfeind compression socks help to improve circulation by graduated compression.



This aids in recovery after a hard session where the legs are in fatigue. There are many variations of the socks, so get one that suits him the most!

Most importantly, get him the support he needs with this gift! You can easily find this socks available at most sporting goods shop and even some at our local bike shop.

Check out the review of the Baurfeind compression socks by our dear National Cyclist Serene Lee! 


6. A Cycling Holiday

How about treating your cycling bae to a cycling holiday? You can’t deny, once you’re a cyclist, every holiday that you go on MUST include cycling as part of the itinerary.

The good thing is, you don’t have to travel far to experience the world on 2 wheels. There are amazing places to cycle within Asia, such as in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. 

Singapore Cycling Tours and Travel Wander offer cycling tour packages and will make sure that you are well taken care of during your holiday. Do check them out and contact them for more information. 


Happy holidays! 🙂 

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