Top 3 #OhShit cycling moments

Unfortunately, with rampant and reckless car accidents happening every so often, it’s no longer a surprise hearing about a fellow cyclist being dragged along as collateral damage. Cycling accidents are inevitable, and it’s time we change that status quo. 

Three cyclists shared with us their #OhShit moments that no one should ever have to experience. 


#1 When you’re too unconscious to recall the license plate of the car that sped off after crashing into you 

“I was involved in a hit and run. A driver came out of nowhere. My elbow went through the windshield, my bike was completely destroyed.  The moment I got up I couldn’t recall the license plate so he managed to get away, unfortunately.” – Badrun Salleh, fixed-gear cyclist.


#2 When the light’s green but you got hit anyway


“Yupp, that’s me lying on the floor. I was riding home from work, crossing a box junction at Sungei Kadut Road. The green light was showing and it was my right of way. A car coming from the opposite direction did not see me, made a discretionary right turn and I faceplanted onto the left window of the car.” – Esther Koh, avid road cyclist.


 #3 When you wished for a Vibranium helmet at the last minute but your Specialized helmet saved you in the end.


“I’ve never got into an accident my whole life – till this unfortunate one. I was in the middle of a peloton during a race. I was sort of drafting behind a rider and then lost control of my bike because the person in front of me braked so suddenly. The next thing I knew, the entire right side of my body (including my head) was sliding and scraping through the tarmac. It’s pretty ridiculous how I was still desperately holding on to my bike.”

“Though I had multiple fractures to the rib, I didn’t suffer any trauma to the head. All thanks to my helmet. Notice that long crack right smack in the middle of the helmet – imagine that on my skull… Always wear a helmet friends!!” – Peter Stephens, avid road cyclist.


Get insured if you’re a cyclist

There’s only so much we can do to prevent these incidents from happening. Other than physically and mentally protecting ourselves from the potential dangers of the road, we should also get insured as soon as possible before it’s too late. 


Here are some of the accident protection plans and policies that protect you and/or your bike:

#1 ePROTECT personal mobility by EtiQa

This personal mobility policy gives you comprehensive accidental protection for: 

  • Your safety: Accidental bodily injuries, medical expenses, permanent disablement and death
  • Your third-party personal liabilities: Bodily injuries, accidental death to third party and loss or damage to property.

With the Bicycle Rider coverage, they insure your bikes for physical damage and theft. There is also an option to purchase a cover extension to Malaysia and Thailand. 


#2 Roof & Pedals by Allied World Insurance

This policy covers your home; its contents; personal accidents; as well as personal liability. With this plan, you’ll be protected for your high-value non-motorised bicycles from loss and damage, up to a value of $40k in total for all bicycles. 

There’s also worldwide coverage included for free for personal accident and personal liability benefits as well as worldwide cover for your personal effects including phones, bikes and valuables – so you can travel with a peace of mind. 


#3 Personal Accident Protector by Allied World Insurance (does not cover bike)

Unlike most policies, this one covers scarring and disfigurement of the face as well as prosthetics and mobility aid.


It might all seem ridiculous to go to certain extents preparing for the worse. But there really is no harm getting that extra reassurance for the potential dangers you might face.


Reach out if you’re interested in discussing protection plans

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