5 Christmas Gifts For Your Vain-Bod Cyclist Friend

No cyclist would deny that they wanted to look good while cycling. They also probably would not want to get sunburnt. Thus, they would rely on sunscreens and fancy cycling jerseys. Here are some gifts you could get for your exceptionally vain cyclist friend.

1. Sunscreen

There are many different types of sunscreen. However, which types of sunscreen should you buy so you will not look like a tapir by the end of your ride?

Neutrogena Sunscreen Ultra Sheer Stick SPF 70

Picture adapted from https://www.amazon.com/Neutrogena-Ultra-Non-Greasy-Sunscreen-Spectrum/dp/B00HNSSV3U?th=1

This sunscreen stick will give you full coverage, preventing you from getting sunburnt in places you thought you put on sunscreen but did not. It is water resistant and oil free, so it will not leave you with a sticky, greasy feeling. You can get them from Amazon


2. Arm Sleeves

Which arm screens will block the sunlight and keep you cool?

Rapha Arm Screens

Picture adapted from https://www.bicycling.com/bikes-gear/g20032596/the-upf-gear-you-need-to-avoid-sunburns-while-riding/ .

These arm screens are made of polyester and elastane, and they use Schoeller’s Coldblack technology, a dye that helps repel the Sun’s heat so you can feel “cool”.(literally ) They come in three sizes and four different colours. The arms screens have a UPF rating of 50+.


3. Jersey

Who would not want to look amazing while cycling? Here are two cycling jersey brands that will guarantee that you will look awesome in their jerseys.


Yimage Active has a large variety of designs, supporting their #Project365. Project 365 is their goal to create one new design each day of one year.

Go check out their Instagram posts or their website today!

Cyclist Mess

Picture adapted from https://www.thecyclistmess.com/ .

The Cyclist Mess has three brands incorporated in it:

  1. The Cyclist mess, which is a house brand. Their designs are fun and quirky to sleek and cool. These jerseys are made to impress.
  2.  Route, which makes comfortable jerseys out of the finest Italian fabrics that ensure you can ride in style.
  3. Fast Sports Tech (FST), which its reliable performance is something you can count on. These premium jerseys are made from breathable materials that allow you to feel the wind.


4. Sunglasses

Picture adapted from https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9271 and https://www.rudyproject.com/ww/en/products/performance-eyewear/agon.html?code=SP290998-FFF2 .

Oakley Flak 2.0 (Asian Fit)

This pair of sunglasses has styling, comfort, a wide field of vision and a larger upper peripheral view. It has wrap around coverage and the signature Oakley O-Matter frame which is durable and ultra-lightweight, giving you maximum comfort.

Its three-point fit system, ear socks and nose pads will increase anti-slip grip, thus fitting onto your head comfortably. These sunglasses are also available with PRIZM Road lenses.

Rudy Project Agon + Insert Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

These Rudy Project sunglasses have a comfortable wrap-around fit delivers ample coverage, ensuring your sunglasses do not fall off your face. They have expanded peripheral vision and are made of lightweight Kynetium aluminium metal that makes up the frames.

These sunglasses also have adjustable nose pieces and temples, which are suitable for people who may not have high nose bridges to give them enough grip.


5. Socks

Picture adapted from https://www.velovelocycle.com/collections/socks .

Velovelo has great looking socks, in case you really like funky socks. Show off these great designs on your feet the next time you go for a ride and make your friends jealous!

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