10 Cycling-Related Christmas Gifts For Under $6

Christmas is coming soon, and that means buying gifts. Some of you might be on a budget, and are struggling to think of cheap gifts to get for your cycling friends. We are here to help you. Here are 10 Cycling-Related Christmas Gifts For Under $6.

1. Water Bottle Cage($5.90)

Picture adapted from Qoo10.

This bottle cage is not only cheap, it also looks good with a carbon fibre finishing. You can buy this bottle cage here for $5.90.


2. Bike Mudguard($4.90/$2.90)

Picture adapted from Qoo10.

This Bicycle Fender Bum Ass Original CX XC Race MTB Road Commuter Bike Mudguard Saver Rear Fender will ensure that your behind is squeaky clean even after a muddy ride. Get this here for $4.90.

The Decathlon BTWIN mudguard is cheap yet useful and functional. You can get this mudguard in most Decathlon stores for $2.90.


3. Lights($4.90/$2.00)


Picture adapted from decathlon.sg

These lights will let you be seen, see clearly and be safe all on a budget. Purchase the front light here for $4.90 and the rear lights here for $2.00.


4. Waterproof Phone Pouches($4.95/$2.30)


Pictures adapted from buycoolprice.com and decathlon.sg.

The waterproof cycling pouch can fit much more than just your phone, but if you are looking for something more simple, the smartphone sleeve is the thing for you. Get the pouch here for $4.95 and the sleeve here for $2.30.


5. Inner Tube Repair Kit($3.60)

Picture adapted from decathlon.sg

Is your inner tube spoilt? Are you a cheapskate? If you said yes to both of these questions, this kit is for you. Buy this inner tube here for $3.60.


6. Cycling Bottle($3.90)

Picture adapted from decathlon.sg

This bottle cheap but functional. Purchase this bottle here for $3.90.


7. Multitool($4.90)

Picture adapted from decathlon.sg

A multitool with everything you need for just $4.90? That is a steal! Get this multitool here.


8. Bike Tool Bottle($4.90)

Picture adapted from decathlon.sg

This bike tool bottle will ensure you will never lose any of your tools, as all of them would be stored safely in this portable tool bottle you can bring on you rides. Buy this bottle here for $4.90.


9. BTWIN Road Cycling Gloves($5.90)

Picture adapted from decathlon.sg

These gloves will protect your hands and ensure comfort with its soft paddings. Purchase these pair of gloves here for $5.90.


*Bonus*: Christmas package for $10 


We went to decathlon and value stores to buy some of the items to make a cycling goodie bag(bottle) and we featured it in the image at the top of this article.

We managed to make this whole thing for $4.90 (multi tool)+ $3.90 (bottle) +$0.30 (nature valley energy bar) +$0.10 (2 plasters) +$0.20 (M&M’s) +$0.20 (wangwang biscuit) +$0.50 (snickers) +$0.10 (waffle biscuit) = $10.20! 


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