Bike Feature: S-Works Shiv Disc Limited-Edition

The Limited-Edition S-Works Shiv Disc is built for speed. The non-UCI-legal FACT carbon frame is incredibly aerodynamic and features storage-optimised design. 


This bike comes in a limited colourway (Colour Scheme: Sunset Five-O/ Gloss White) that, depending on the light, reflects a multitude of different colours. There were only 500 pieces of this eye-catching bike available, together with their accompanying custom travel cases. 


Photo credit: Specialized Singapore


Dual-sided power metre 

Shiv’s carbon fibre road cranks are fitted with a dual-sided power metre claimed to provide you with the most accurate power reading (+/-1.5%) and the cockpit allows for a multitude of adjustment to suit your individual preferences. 


Storage-optimised design 

The S-Works Shiv Disc features Hydration and Nutrition Fuelcell systems, which are neatly tucked in their down tube and a 1.5 litre capacity storage tank mounted at the back of the seat tube. 


Large tank of water storage so you will not go thirsty on your long ride. Photo credit: Specialized Singapore
A hose runs from the front of the bike to the storage tank Photo credit: Specialized Singapore
Need more hydration storage? Extra bottle bosses are installed across the top tube. Photo credit: Specialized Singapore
A built-in storage compartment inside the down tube Photo credit: Specialized Singapore


Combining functionality and aerodynamics

The new “Shape of Speed” philosophy optimises each tube shape around aerodynamics, weight, and stiffness, and this creates the opportunity for functional integration without compromising speed. 


The cockpit sits flush with the frame


A folding cockpit 

The cockpit also allows for a multitude of adjustments. It unbolts easily from the frame, and the basebar folds down parallel to the fork. This makes packing headaches a thing of the past. 




Specialized Shiv Specs



The price will blow your mind and set you back at a hefty sum of S$19,500. Is it worth your money? 


For more information on the S-Works Shiv Disc, please click here

*Update: All 500 pieces that were available globally are sold out. 

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