Review: ABUS Airbreaker And Gamechanger Helmets

The Airbreaker and Gamechanger are ABUS line of road helmets, with Airbreaker marketed as their road helmet and the Gamechanger, their aero helmet designed specifically for time trials. Let’s look at what we liked about these helmets. 


Front view of the ABUS Airbreaker, the exact helmet worn by World Champion Alejandro Valverde
Front view of the ABUS Gamechanger, World Champion series 


Features we liked about the ABUS Gamechanger and Airbreaker 

1. A new place to put your sunglasses – The Air Port 


My sunglasses fit perfectly at the back of the helmet, shielded from the wind and my sweat. I found this exceptionally useful especially when I ride from dawn till day. You want to keep your sunglasses somewhere safe and secure, that will not get dirty. Also, most importantly, somewhere where it does not get in the way.

When the glasses were placed at the rear of the helmet, I wasn’t able to feel the legs of the sunglasses. This feature was a considerable improvement from the helmets I had in the past, where it felt annoying to have the legs of my sunglasses poking at my head.


2. No more sweaty faces

ABUS also designed the straps in a way that will help you wick sweat away from your face as you ride. They claim that sweat from your head will not get into your eyes or your face. Instead, they will flow to the side (of your straps).


ABUS Helmet Strap intersection.


I know for sure that with my previous helmets on long winding slopes, where there isn’t air going against your face, sweat will trickle and this will get annoying. Firstly, they can get into your eye which will sting. Secondly, if you’re wearing sunglasses, the build-up of water droplets on your face could also cause your glasses to fog up.

One more thing that I could appreciate is the lack of plastic buckles on the sides, often seen on bicycle helmets. Although this causes the straps locked in place and unable to adjust, the minimalistic design outweighs the potential adjustability. I find that the plastic buckles on other helmets are more often than not, a pain to use.


I always fumble with them and get annoyed when the left and right sides are uneven – I, for one, won’t be able to appreciate the added complexity of the helmet. The ABUS helmet straps do the job, and they fit snuggly right beneath the ear lopes even without adjustability.


3. An Aerodynamic yet cooling helmet 

ABUS Airbreaker which features a honeycomb netting.


The first time I brought the Gamechanger out for a ride, I could immediately feel the air going into the small vents at the top of the helmet, and escaping through the back. My head didn’t feel hot at all, and it felt like the ventilation was perfect when you are rolling above 30 kph. I’d dare say this was one of the best helmets I would use if the ride I was planning to go had a high rolling speed.

The ABUS Gamechanger is excellent for riding on the flats at a relatively faster pace. The aerodynamic benefit makes the Gamechanger a choice for marginal gains. Meanwhile, the ABUS Airbreaker, without question, is a well-ventilated helmet. With 11 air inlets and 3 air outlets connected with flow channels, you will certainly be guaranteed a cooling ride. 


Testing out the ABUS Gamechanger at the recent National Team Time Trial event at Tanah Merah Coastal Road in Eastern Singapore. Photo: John Anthony


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What I didn’t like about the ABUS Airbreaker and Gamechanger 


The ABUS Airbreaker retails at S$398, as compared to the Gamechanger which retails for S$290. Yes, it is a light, well-ventilated, and stylish helmet. But only for those who are willing to fork out that much money. 



One problem I face with this helmet is when I am stationary on the bike. I cannot imagine what will happen if I were to wear this helmet up a winding climb where my speed will hardly hit 20 kph. I can predict that it will feel like a sauna on my head.

In the hot and humid climate of Singapore, I always tend to want to splash water over helmets with hopes that it will provide some form of cooling for my head. You can’t do this on the Gamechanger as there isn’t any vent or hole to allow water to enter. If you prefer a better-ventilated helmet, the ABUS Airbreaker is a great choice. 



The Gamechanger helmet is beneficial if you spend a majority of your time on flat or rolling terrain such as in Singapore. If you are a racer, this will be one potent weapon. However, if you are just a casual weekend warrior and money is not an issue, I would suggest going for the ABUS AirBreaker instead.



You can purchase ABUS helmets in Singapore from Hello, Bicycle!

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Opening hours: 11 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week.

Contact: +65 63330054

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